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Launchpad McQuack is an athromorphized duck who is the pilot for Scrooge McDuck and sidekick for Darkwing Duck.  He is the tritagonist of Pooh's Adventures of Darkwing Duck: Darkly Dawns the Duck, a supporting character in Pooh's Adventures of Darkwing Duck: Justice Ducks Unite, and a recurring character in the TV show.

He is usually depicted as brave, good-hearted, and incredibly dim-witted. While a skillful pilot, he is very bad at landing and almost always crashes instead but, to his credit, he and his passengers always survive such crashes, and he takes a strange sort of pride in being able to crash any imaginable aircraft ("If it's got wings, I can crash it!" he has proudly proclaimed). In one time, he has a checkbook of all the vehicles he has crashed (including a submarine).


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