This is how Lava Beasts, Storm Beasts, and Quake Beasts attack goes in Rudolph's Adventures of Bionicle: Journey to One.

[Umarak contacts Makuta]

Umarak the Destroyer: Master.

Makuta: You wear my mask. Excellent. The endgame has begun, but first you must raise an army.

Umarak the Destroyer: I will lead them to get Twilight. We will bring destruction to the cities and use the Plundervines.

Makuta: You will NOT lead them!

Umarak the Destroyer: What is it you want?

Makuta: Release me from the Realm of Shadow by finding the pieces of my Forbidden Mask. They are the keys that will open a portal between the worlds.

Umarak the Destroyer: I can feel them. I will find your mask.

Makuta: Good, but first, you must summon the Shadow Horde.

Umarak the Destroyer: Yes. [roars]

[Storm Clouds make lightning]

[Umarak's Fire Traps, Water Traps, and Stone Traps turn into Lava Beasts, Storm Beasts, and Quake Beasts]

[The Elemental Beasts head towards a city]

[We see our heroes]

Gali: What is that?

Onua: I think that is Umarak. Or whatever he has become.

[A Storm Beast tries to grab Sonic, but he keeps dodging]

Rudolph: Sonic, go!

[Rudolph, Clarice, and Sonic run]

Hermey: Hurry!

Yukon Cornelius: Where are these beasts?

[The Storm Beast jumps out of the floor and Hermey and Yukon run to Rudolph, Clarice, and Sonic as the Storm Beast lands and growls]

[Tahu attacks]

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