This is when Laval and his Friends joins the group in their journey in Weekenders Adventures of LEGO Dimensions

Tino: So, Laval. If you and your friends want to help us, it'll be great.

Laval: I'd be happy to, Tino.

Noby: But what about your Friends?

Laval: What do you say, you guys? You want to come with Tino and friends?

Eris: I'm with you, Laval. And I guess that you needed some more brains in the team.

Cragger: You can count me in, Laval. Your my Best Friends, so I'll join you.

Bladvic: I will.

Razar: Me too.

Worriz: All right. I'm with you, Laval.

Gorzan: Me three.

Rogon: Me also

Fangar: Don't forget about me.

Laval: Fangar. I don't want you to come with us.

Fangar: What? Why not?

Worriz: Because you got stung in the Knee.

Fangar: (Gasp)

Flashback has Started

Fangar: Come on! Give me your shot! (The Scorpion stung him in the Knee) Ow! My Knee!

Flashback has Ended

Fangar: Or, I'll stay here.

Noby: Okay. But what your Tribe's?

Laval: Don't worry, we will tell them that we are going to have an Adventures with you guys.

Doraemon: Okay.

Cragger: So where is the Portal that you came?

Tino: At the Forever Rock, this is place that we first met and we hang out together.

Eris: Okay, we will see you at the Forever Rock.

Sue: Okay. And be Quick.

5 Minutes Later

They are waiting for their friends at the Forever Rock and they have Arrived

Tino: Did you tell the Tribe's?

Laval: I did. I tell my uncle Lavertus to take care The Lion's Tribe's while me and Dad were gone. And I promise Li'ella that I will come back soon.

Eris: I told the Eagle's that I'm leaving Chima to help you guys.

Cragger: I tell my parents and my Sister that I'm leaving Chima to go with you guys.

Worriz: I told the Wolves, that I'm going with you guys. And I tell Wilhurt to take care of the Wolf's Camp while I'm gone and he said Yes.

Razar: I told my Father and my Friends that I'm going with you guys.

Bladvic: I told the Bears that I'm leaving Chima to come with you guys.

Rogon: I told my Sister and the Rhino's that I'm leaving Chima to go with you guys.

Gorzan: I tell my Sister and the Other Dude's, that I'm leaving Chima to come with you guys.

Tino: Alright, let's go! (jumps into the portal)

Sunset Shimmer: Right behind you, Tino.

They went to the Portal and they are Floating around the Vortex

Tino: How's it feel, Laval?

Laval: This is a Rush! It's like Diving off Mount Cavora!

Eris: Am I having one of those weird Vision?

Sue: Nope.

Cragger: This is like falling into the Giant Chasm!

Worriz: I should really take the Wolf-Copter for this!

Laval: Woohoo! Last one to the end is a Rotten Shunk!

Cragger: Couldn't we get there in my old Command Ship instead!?

Noby: No!

Worriz: I don't know where this Vortex is leading somewhere!

Eris: I like Flying! But I don't like this!

Meanwhile at the Foundation Prime

Adagio Dazzle: You think Jafar and Scorm will be back, Lord Vortech?

Lord Vortech: Patience, Adagio. They'll be here soon.

Jafar and Scorm came out of the vortex portal.

Jafar: We're back.

Scorm: And we got the element and a new prisoner.

Lord Vortech: Excellent. Adagio, can you escort His Highness to a cell, please?

Adagio Dazzle: Sure.

She puts Lagravis in a Cage next to Claire's Cage, she close the door so Lagravis can't escape

Robin: Hello. You in here with us as well?

Lagravis: Yeah, they took the Golden Chi.

MetalBeard: Golden what?

Claire: Golden Chi. The chi from Chima.

Lord Vortech: Now place it with the other elements over there.

They then put the Golden Chi with the other elements, .

Sonata Dusk: Oh yeah! This is getting better and better.

Adagio Dazzle: You bet it is, Sonata.

Maleficent: Six down, few more to go.

Hades: Yeah, We've got the treasure chest, krytonite, the ring, slippers, amber, and also in fact the Golden Chi. So what's next, Vortech?

Lord Vortech: Well let's see. There's a Nuclear rod in Springfield. So President Business, Kurumi, and The Joker. Can you get that from that world? And Kurumi's will get Shido to be her husband.

Kurumi: Easy peasy.

The Joker: Well, Lord Business and I have to be crazy to refuse that offer.

Lord Business: What does that mean, Joker?

The Joker: That means we're in.

Kurumi: Let's go, then.

They jumped through the portal.