Here's when Lawrence reveals the plan for USR in Weekenders Adventures of I, Robot.

[we see Lawrence Robertson in a chair as the guard, Spooner, Calvin, and the heroes come in]

Lawrence: Mr. Spooner. We both know you're not here on police business.

Spooner: That's right, I'm just a 6', 200-pound civilian.

Tino and Brian: Spooner!

Calvin: Detective!

Spooner: Here to kick another civilian's butt.

[The guard grabs Spooner's arm, but his robotic hand squeezes his arm in causing the guard to go in pain]

Inez: Oh, went to far on that one.

Digit: I've heard that right.

Lawrence: Stop. You can allow him to express himself.

Spooner: You might want to put some ice on that wrist.

Lawrence: You guys wait outside. Carry on.

Spooner: I think you were about to tell us what's going on around here.

Delia: Yeah, you should explain yourself.

Calvin: Lawrence. Alfred engineered that 5 so it could violate the Three Laws.

Lawrence: Yeah. Susan. I know. That's precisely what we're trying to undo.

Glenn: Oh my God!

Ed: You were?

Lawrence: Yes Ed. Toward the end of his life. Alfred was becoming increasingly disturbed. Who knows why he built one abomination.

Spooner: One? Those things are running the streets in packs!

Lawrence: In packs?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah!

Roary: They were trying to kill us! And one of them killed Ash!

Lawrence: I see. Susan. are you aware the man you're blithely escorting around... has a documented history of savage violence against robots? His own lieutenant acknowledges his obsessive paranoia.

Hound: Uh oh, he's talking crap again.

Peter: I know.

Lawrence: Detective Spooner's been suspended. Suspicion of mental instability.

Spooner: I don't know what "blithely" means. but I'm getting some coffee. You want some coffee? [get some coffee for himself]

Ron: Hey don't start coffee with out me!

Lawrence: Susan, we look to robots for protection! For God's sake! Do you have any idea what this one robot could do? Completely shatter human faith in robotics. What if the public knew? Just imagine the mass recalls all because of an irrational paranoia and prejudice.

Detective Del Spooner: [Sneezes] I'm sorry, I'm allergic to crap.

Lawrence: Hey, let's just be clear! There is no "conspiracy"! What this is, is one old man's one mistake. [turns to Calvin] Susan, just be logical. Your life's work has been the development and integration of robots. But whatever you feel, just think. Is one robot worth the loss of all that we've gained? You tell me what has to be done. You tell me.

Calvin: [Emotionally] We have to destroy it. I'll do it myself.

Lawrence: OK.

Spooner: I get it. Somebody gets out of line around here, you just kill them?

Optimus: Let's get out of here.

Cross-Hairs: Good! I'm done with this place anyway!

Jackie: Me too!

Lawrence: Good day Mr. Spooner. Everyone.