Lazarus (a.k.a. the Great Beast) is an original character from Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae Meet the Great Beast.

Lazarus' births origin or the cause of his beast form are unknown, but he is born in Scotland. He was the "star" of a circus owned by a cruel and abusive ringmaster until Scottish twin sisters Isla and Artis took pity of him and pulled off a rescue attempt and allow him to live with him in the village of Balmoral. He didn't have a name at the time, so Isla gave him the name "Lazarus", from a bilblical legend of a giant.

During the years, Lazarus is well-loved by the village and he and Isla later fell in love, gotten married, and give birth to Mackenzie Isla Lazarus, but unbeknownst to him that Artis secretly fell in love with him and wants her feelings to be recropiated.

The circus learns of Lazarus' whereabouts and decided to track him down. Isla tried to outrun the mob with the baby Mackenzie in the basket, but she fell from a cliff and later died because she couldn't see in the thick fog.

Lazarus grieves of Isla's sudden death and went of a extensive search for his baby daughter, but 6 months later, the team arrived at Balmoral, reuniting with Mackenzie and developed close bonds with her. He risked his life to save Benny from the wrath of the Banshee and the boulder coming towards them. Before his "death", he asked Benny to watch over Mackenzie, making him her legal guardian.

Xellos, the priest who married Isla and Lazarus, later finds him in his human form severely injured and is taken to be healed.


  • Lazarus appeared in Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae Meet the Great Beast.

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