Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan
is the sluggish woman who works as a waitress in the local diner. She is shown to love fixing things, despite not being at all good at it. She has a lazy eye, and has at least three cats, which are named Donald, Sandy, and Mr. Cat-Face. Grunkle Stan had a crush on her and later gets the guts to win her over, although he later regrets it after she calls him repeatedly, leaving unusual voice messages. Her name is a pun on her lazy eye, as well as the kitchen device she was trying to fix. She is shown to be scatterbrained in the Summerween episode when she tries to guess what Soos, Mabel, and her friends are dressed as. Her guesses were very far off (for example, she guesses that Mabel's friend Candy was dressed in a squeegee costume when she was obviously dressed as a peppermint candy).


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