Here is how  Learning about babysitting from Sylvia Marpole and Babysitting Sebeena goes in Candace and Stacy's time with Sebeena.

Meanwhile, Candace and Stacy arrived just in time.

Candace Flynn: Wipe your feet.

Stacy Hirano: (takes off her shoes and she had tan pantyhose) Don't worry, Candace. We'll be just fine.

Candace Flynn: Hello? Sylvia? Are you here?

Sylvia Marpole: Over here, Girls! Good afternoon, Candace Flynn and Stacy Hirano. Today I'm going to show you two how to be excellent babysitters. (brought out Sebeena) This is Sebeena Crophopper.

Sebeena Crophopper: (happy gurgling)

Candace Flynn: Dusty and Ishani's baby? Are you kidding?

Stacy Hirano: Aww! She's so cute.

Sylvia Marpole: She sure is, Stacy. I'm taking care of her while Dusty and Ishani are out dating. I'll be your tutor.

Sebeena Crophopper: (giggles)

Candace Flynn: You mean you're going to teach us about babysitting?

Stacy Hirano: Honestly, Candace. It can't be that bad.

Sylvia Marpole: Well, I'm glad you thought so, Stacy. (to Sebeena) Do you hear that, Sebeena? Candace and Stacy are going to play with you. Yes they are! Yes they are!

Sebeena Crophopper: (giggles)

Candace Flynn: Oh joy!

Stacy Hirano: So, What're the responsibilities, Sylvia?

Sylvia Marpole: The responsibilities about babysitting is about how you take care of a baby. Which includes playing, feeding, burping, bathing, diapering and most importantly teaching love and affection.

Sebeena Crophopper: (happy gurgling)

Candace Flynn: This is got to be the worst.

Stacy Hirano: May I hold her?

Sylvia Marpole: Certainly, Stacy. I think she likes you, Because you must have a way with children.

Sebeena Crophopper: (embraces Stacy)

Candace Flynn: I must be sick about this.

Stacy Hirano: (holding Sebeena) She is so adorable.

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