This is how

[Music starts playing as Kuryan looks at a book]

The Mad Doctor: (voice) Testing. Testing. [sings] Dear, diary~

It's the Mad Doctor~

Wonderfully evil me~

Jay fooled Prescott into turning on his friends while he built me my TV (hee)~

Now, I broadcast my show to the cartoon world~

Will they forget me?~


Oh yes, I'll be remembered. And I can leave Wasteland forever~

I know the guardians could make me a toon again~

I played Matau and his friends for fools!

And even Ryan couldn't know that the earthquakes would strIke when they suck up the guardian pools~

And that wasn't even a part of my plan, a plan as evil as can be~

It won't be long till Wasteland will be destroyed and very soon, I'll be a toon~

Dear diary. Who is the maddest mad doctor of all?

Wonderfully evil me~

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: I can't believe the Doc lied to me and Ty.

Matau T. Monkey: It's not your fault, Oswald. I hope you can help him understand.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit:

Gremlin Gus: Guys. This projector is set for the Mad Doctor's new attraction on Mean Street.

Mickey Mouse: Let's do it, guys.

[They enter the projector and arrives at the Mad Doctor's new attraction. Matau and Ryan saw Meg and some allies on the cups. Matau summons his Keyblade and Mickey pulls out the Brush to go and save them. The Mad Doctor appears in a dome with Riavine Sparkle and Quintessa]

Riavine Sparkle: [starts to sing] One more step and your friends are....~

The Mad Doctor: History.

[Our heroes stop]

The Mad Doctor: My ride will pull the guardians out of Wasteland! Then everyone and everything will become inert. Ryan's girlfriend and your ridiculous friends included.

Ryan F-Freeman: No!

Quintessa: And when I got the Mad Doctor to the Cartoon world, he will use the Brush to become the greatest villain of all time. And I will use Twilight's body as a new vessel!

Riavine Sparkle: And you too will help us. Give me and the Doctor the Keyblade and the Brush, and the Mad Doctor will set your friends, Meg Griffin and your guardians free.

The Mad Doctor: Refuse, and watch them turn inert and Quintessa will destroy Wasteland!

[Matau and Mickey knows what they do to save their friends and offers the villains the Keyblade and the Brush. The claw Riavine controls was about to grab Them, but stopped when Ty and Oswlad protects the two heroes]

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: No, Mickey! The Brush would make him unstoppable.

Ty the Tazmainian Tiger: He's right, Matau! The Keyblade of yours will only make her unbeatable!

Matau T. Monkey: Well. Let's stop them.

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