This is where our heroes learn of Brian's treachery and where Thongs of Changling Armies are sent to attack in Revenge of the Nightmare Family & Changling Queen.

[shortly after Brian leaves, the team strangle back to their feet]

Eddy: What's gotten into him!? All of this because of being in charge and because of our last adventure!? That BACK-STABBING JERK!!!


Fluttershy: How could he? (softly cries)

Sunil Nevla: How dare he mock Willy's Grandfather like that!

Shining Armor: Has he gone completely insane?!

Penny Ling: Who does he think he is?!

Willy: [just says nothing looks angrily at the door, but then looks up at the ceiling] (growls) That, damn, dirty, son of a.... [Stops as he notices something] Wait a minute. [he then leaves the room]

T.C.: Will?

[everyone follows him]

Eddy: What are you doing?

Willy: Guys, there are security cameras all around the temple, if we play back the recordings we can found out what the heck happened here.

[they soon come to security room]

Twilight: Now we can get some real answers.

Zecora: I do not think that is a wise, if you look into the recordings, you will only find pain, that will lead to a ton of cries.

Twilight: Zecora, we need to.

Vinny: We need to know. And this is the only way to get a real answer.

Edd: Okay. Here we go. [he rewinds the recording far back and then stops and plays it]

[on the recordings, we see several Changling fighting the royals guards but then suddenly, we see Brian killing the younglings!]

Zecora: [sighs sadly as her ears droop]

Quagmire: Oh, my God! It's him!

Joe: He did this.

[then we see Brian killing several Jedi and the guards using either his M16 or Pistol]

Vinny: No. No.

Twilight: This can't be!

[then on the next clip shows Brian with Nightmare Moon and King Sombra!]

King Sombra: Excellent, work, Darth Manacore. My new apprentice.

Nightmare Moon: Now, go and fulfill your destiny.

Brian: Yes, Empress Nightmare Moon.

Vinny: No more! I can't watch anymore! [turns it off]

SpongeBob: I can't believe it.

Willy: Brian's become a Sith Lord. But one that's worse than my own grandpa and Vader.

Penny Ling: Why would he do this?

Twilight: (tears come to her eyes) I don't believe it, our best friend, turned against us and the Jedi.

Thomas: What are going to do?

Zecora: We must destroy all those Dark Lords, before they take control of all of the control boards.

Edd: But who should go to confront whom?

Twilight: Send me, Shiny, and Cadance to fight The Nightmare Lords, and Changling Queen. We will not kill Brian.

Zecora: To fight those lot, strong enough, you 3 are not. 

Barret Barricade: Zecora's right. If anyone should fight Nightmare Moon, Sombra, and The Changling Queen it should be her. She's just as strong as Yoda.

Vinny: But we can't do this, Brian's my brother!

Twilight: And our friend! We can't do this to him!

Zecora:  The Brian Griffin we once knew, is no more, for he is now consumed by Darth Manancore.

Percy: And the rest of us should go to fight the Changling army.

Shining Armor: But we don't know where Brian is!

Twilight: And we don't know where to look.

Zecora: You must use your feelings, and that help you with your seaching. [leaves]

Eddy: We gotta tell the others right now!

Edd: Yeah, there's no telling where the peak of the Changling Army is now.

Ed: Now let's fight some evil insect horses!

[most of the team leave]

Cadance: We gotta tell Sylveon.

Vinny: No!

Cadance: Yes!

Vinny: No, Cadance! We can't!

Shining Armor: Give us one reason?

Vinny: She's gonna think you're lying to keep her away from Brian.

Twilight: You're right.

Vinny: What are we gonna do?

Judy Hopps: Here. [gives them her carrot pen] I recorded what he had said. That will prove you're telling the truth.

Twilight: Alright, will tell her. Vinny, you stay here with the others.

Vinny: Okay.

Shinning Armor: And Vinny, you can't say a word about this to Peter and his family.

Vinny: [nods his head in agreement]

[The 3 leave to find Sylveon]

[Then it cuts to Brian's ship coming out of lightspeed and entering the bespin system, then it flies toward Cloud City and lands on a platform, and Brian and R4 come out]

Brian: R4, stay with the ship. [puts on a hood]

[As he abandons R4, he beeps nervously. Then we cut to the next sequence, when a couple of mouse droids are rolling away as Brian shows up]

Brit: Welcome, Lord Manacore. We've been expecting you.

[Then Brian Force closes the doors and ignites his Lightsaber]

[In the ship, we view the eds in the communications room]

Edd: Alright, Eddy, you're on!

Eddy: To is a message to all Jedi Knights and allies to the Republican and Resistance out in the Galaxy. We are in our darkest hour, the Nightmare Family, Queen Chrysalis, and Discord have returned!

[Then it cuts to Brian killing the droid leaders]

[It cuts back to Eddy]

Eddy: And to make things worst, one of our allies has turned against the Jedi and have joined Forces with those evil Dark Lords. And has helped them destroyed the majority of the Jedi and Republican.

[It then cuts back Brian killing all the droid leaders. then Brit, Tiff, and the Biskits ignite their Lightsabers and Brian glares at the audience with his Sith eyes]

[Cuts back to Eddy]

Eddy: So now, we are transmitting this message to all of you, to warn you that a Massive Changling Army is soon to come and attack, so run, hide, until the war is over, and keep hope. We are gonna do what we can to try and stop this madness once of for all. But for now, just stand by and all will be fine.

[Then it cuts back to Brian with a wounded Brit, with Tiff, and the Biskits lying on the floor persumably dead]

Brit: You won, okay? Give it a rest, will you give it a rest?!

[Brian unfolds his hood]

Brian: I don't think so. [he decapitates her]

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