The way Leaving Canterlot goes in New Cake in Ponyville.

At the Canterlot Train Station.

Marble Cake: Mom, Dad, I have to move to Ponyville to see my Aunt and Uncle and live with them, I hope you two understand.

Angel Cake: Of course we do, Sweetie, It's been so long since you've seen them when you were a colt.

Marble Cake: Yeah, I know, I sure can't wait to see them again.

Joffre Cake: Son, Your Mother and I just wanted you to be happy and if makes you happy, We're happy for you.

Marble Cake: (tear sheding) I'll miss you two so much, (hugging his parents) I love you!

Joffre Cake: We love you, Marble Cake and When you see them, Tell them we said Hi.

Marble Cake: I will, Bye, Mom, Bye, Dad!

Wallace: All Aboard! Next stop, Ponyville!

Gromit: (blows the train whistle)

Wallace: Alright, Gromit, Maximum Power!

Gromit: (starts the train)

Marble Cake: (waving goodbye to his parents)

Joffre Cake and Angel Cake: (waving goodbye to their son)

Joffre Cake: That's our boy, Living on a better place.

Angel Cake: Yes, Dear, It'll be a great start for him to have a new home.

On the train.

Marble Cake: Ponyville, Here I come.

Wallace: Tickets, please! Tickets!

Marble Cake: Here you go. (handing Wallace his tickets)

Wallace: What is your name, Lad?

Marble Cake: Marble Cake.

Wallace: Glad to meet you, Marble, I'm Wallace and over here is our driver, Gromit, My trusting companion.

Gromit: (tips his cap while driving the train)

Marble Cake: Glad to meet you.

Wallace: (clicking Marble's tickets and hands it back to him) Here you are, Lad.

Marble Cake: Thanks, Wallace.

Wallace: Anytime.

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