Falling Skies is an episode of Thomas' Adventures of Thunderbirds Are Go ( 2015 TV Series)


A range of equally timed disasters involve everyone at International Rescue, and the Steam Team. Kayo and Diesel soon deduce that the Hood is behind these acts in an attempt to capture the Thunderbird crafts and Tracy Island. As the Hood and his men take the island and Professor M, Brains and Grandma Tracy retreat to a bunker, Kayo arranges with Lady Penelope the activation of W.A.S.P. (Wide Area Safety Protocol) from Creighton Ward Manor, before going to confront the Hood. As his plan unravels the Hood openly states his relationship to Kayo and proclaims that she is working for him, in an attempt to undermine the Tracy's trust in her. Can Diesel defend Kayo and save her from her uncle?


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