This is how Legend of the Dark Spark and Discovering the Dark Spark Vault goes in My Little Pony: Rise of the Dark Spark.

[We see a statue of Optimus Prime holding the Matrix of Leadership]

Optimus Prime: (voice) The Matrix of Leadership, formed from Primus himself, grants the bearer the wisdom of the Primes.

[We see a statue of Megatron holding the Dark Spark]

Megatron: (voice) But for every force in the universe, there is an equal and an opposite. For every matter, an anti-matter.

[We see the Dark Spark]

Optimus Prime: (voice) Legends speak of the Dark Spark: the antithesis to the Matrix of Leadership.

Megatron: (voice) Where the Matrix grants wisdom, the Dark Spark empowers its master to bend the very fabric of the universe and its inhabitants to his will.

[We see Cybertron]

Optimus Prime: (voice) This is our darkest hour. Cybertron has nearly fallen and the Autobots are on the verge of defeat.

Megatron: (voice) This is our finest hour! Cybertron is nearly ours and victory is finally within the Decepticons' grasp!

[My Little Pony: Rise of the Dark Spark]

[We see Shockwave and Starscream flying through the gates of Crystal city]

Shockwave: The gates of Crystal City lay beyond this chasm.

Starscream: Tell me, Shockwave. Do you believe this "Dark Spark" even exists?

Shockwave: I do not believe, Starscream: I hypothesize. My conclusion is not yet formed, but all data leads us here.

Starscream: Ah yes, ever the scientist.

Shockwave: As you once were.

Soundwave: Conversation irrelevant, danger imminent.

Starscream: For once we agree, Soundwave.


Starscream: What were those filthy things?

Soundwave: Primitive Cyberforms.

Sharpshot: Oh. What do we have here?

Kickback: Is it something to eat eat eat?

Shockwave: Fascinating. The sentient ones share CNA with the feral insectoid protoforms.

Hardshell: Hey! What'd he call us?!

Sharpshot: I don't know. Let's scrap him!

Hardshell: Let me!

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