This is how Legend of the Dark Sparkle and Discovering the Dark Sparkle vault goes in My Little Pony: When Humans and Ponies Collide.

[We see The Element of Magic on a black screen]

Optimus Prime: (voice) The Element of Magic, the most powerful Element of Harmony, grants the wielder the wisdom of friendship and harmony.

[We see a statue of Starscream holding the Dark Sparkle]

Starscream: (voice) But for every force in the universe, there is an equal and an opposite. For every matter, an anti-matter.

[We see the Dark Sparkle on a black screen]

Optimus Prime: (voice) Legends speak of the Dark Sparkle: the antithesis to the Element of Magic.

Starscream: (voice) Where the Element of Magic gives the wielder friendship control, the Dark Sparkle empowers its wielder to bend the very fabric of the universe and its inhabitants to their will.

[We see Equestria]

Optimus Prime: (voice) This is our darkest hour. Equestria is nearly saved and victory is within the Autobots' grasp.

Starscream: (voice) This is our finest hour. Equestria is nearly mine and the Decepticons are on the verge of defeat.

[My Little Pony: When Humans and Ponies Collide]

[We see Hardshell and Sharpshot flying through a corridor in insect mode]

Hardshell: The gates of Tartarus lay beyond this chasm.

Sharpshot: Tell me, Hardshell. Do you believe this "Dark Sparkle" even exists?

Hardshell: I don't believe, Sharpshot: I hypothesis. My conclusion is not yet form but all data leads us here.

Sharpshot: Are you certain?

Hardshell: Of course.

[Soundwave arrives]

Soundwave: Conversation irrelevant. Danger imminent.

Sharpshot: For once we agree, servalience officer.

Starscream: [on comm] Hardshell, report.

Hardshell: Lord Starscream, we gained access to the place known as Tartarus.

Sharpshot: What's so important about this thing that we have to trace through and get?

Starscream: [on comm] Do you have a desire to cease functioning, Sharpshot?

Sharpshot: Mostly.

Starscream: [on comm] You're great and your power is only matched by your incompetence. Now cut the static and bring me the Dark Sparkle!

Soundwave: Affirmative, Lord Starscream.

Starscream: [on comm] And Sharpshot, don't question me again.

[They go on]

Hardshell: You can be quite short sighted, Sharpshot. You see peril, where I see proof. The Dark Sparkle is here.

Soundwave: Tracing condiments. Four terminals control access. Simultaneously upload of keys required.

Sharpshot: A pity then, that we are only three.

Soundwave: Laserbeak, eject.

[Laserbeak dispatches]

Sharpshot: My mistake, three and a half.


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