PR Morphers

The Legendary Past Power Rangers Morphers is in each season they will use to morph into their ranger forms and saying with the code word. Also they are known as the Past Transformation Devices.

Battle Star

  • Battle Star Morpher
  • Battle Star Jet Packs

Trump Squad

  • Trump Squad Morpher

World Legion

  • World Legion Morpher

Electro Force

  • Electro Spark Ring

Solar Force

  • Solar Force Brace

Crystal Force

  • Crystal Force Brace

Dyna Battalion

  • Dyna Battalion Brace

Bio Storm

  • Bio Storm Morpher

Blitzkrieg Force

  • Blitzkrieg Force Brace

Prism Force

  • Prism Force Morpher

Lightning Mask

  • Lightning Mask Morpher

Animal Brigade

  • Twin Brace Morpher

Turbine Racers

  • Turbine Brace
  • Rocket Brace

Supersonic Force

  • Supersonic Changer Brace
  • S-Charger Compact

Flight Squad

  • Flight Squad Morpher