The Legendary Past Power Rangers Zords are in each season they were once used to defeat any monster of every enemy and combined them into any Megazord or Ultrazord.

Battle Star

  • Battle Star Zord 1
  • Battle Star Zord 2

Trump Squad

  • Rainbow Crusader Jet

World Legion

  • Shark Jet Zord
  • United Megazord

Electro Force

  • Electro Jet Zord/Electro Force Megazord

Solar Force

  • Solar Jet
  • Solar Megazord

Crystal Force

  • Crystal Force Caesar/
  • Crystal Force Megazord
  • Crystal Force Jet
  • Crystal Force Tank
  • Crystal Force Truck

Dyna Battalion

  • Dyna Battalion Jupiter
  • Dyna Battalion Megazord
  • Dyna Battalion Mach Zord
  • Dyna Battalion Mobile Zord
  • Dyna Battalion Garry Zord

Bio Storm

  • Bio Storm Megazord
  • Bio Jet 1
  • Bio Jet 2

Blitzkrieg Force

  • Shuttle Base
  • Blitzkrieg Megazord
  • Blitz Jet
  • Blitz Copter
  • Blitz Tank

Prism Force

  • Star Carrier
  • Prism Megazord
  • Battle Tank Zord
  • Strike Fighter Zord
  • Seeker Zord
  • Titan Megazord

Lightning Force

  • Red Lightning Fighterzord
  • Black Lightning Drillzord
  • Blue Lightning Tankzord
  • Yellow Lightning Jetzord
  • Pink Lightning Gyrozord
  • Great Lightning Megazord
  • Lightning Flash Titanzord
  • Lightning Galaxy Robozord

Animal Brigade

  • Sea Base Tortoise
  • Buffalo Carrierzord
  • Super Beast Megazord
  • Beast Megazord
  • Red Jet Falcon Zord
  • Yellow Land Lion Zord
  • Aqua Dolphin Zord
  • Boxer Megazord
  • Black Bison Zord
  • Green Rhino Zord

Street Fighters

  • Street Fighter Megazord
  • Red Racer GT Zord
  • Black Racer Truck Zord
  • Blue Racer Jeep Zord
  • Yellow Racer Formula Zord
  • Pink Racer Wagon Zord
  • Rugger Megazord
  • Super Street Fighter Megazord
  • Racer Base
  • Super Street Fighter Ultrazord

Supersonic Force

  • Supersonic Base
  • Supersonic Megazord/Supersonic Trailer
  • Jet Alpha Zord
  • Carrier Beta Zord
  • Land Gamma Zord
  • Cosmo Shuttle/Cosmo Star Megazord
  • Supersonic Ultrazord
  • Max Megazord

Flight Squad

  • Great Icarus Megazord
  • Icarus Megazord
  • Flight Squad Hawk Zord
  • Flight Squad Condor Zord
  • Flight Squad Owl Zord
  • Flight Squad Swan Zord
  • Flight Squad Swallow Zord
  • Flight Squad Eagle Zord
  • Flight Squad Peacock Zord
  • Phoenix Zord/Pheonix Megazord
  • Tetra Bazooka/Tetrazord



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