PR Morphers

The Legendary Power Rangers Morphers is in each season they will use to morph into their ranger forms and saying with the code word. Also they are known as the Transformation Devices.

Mighty Mrophin

  • Power Morpher
  • Dragon Morpher
  • Power Coins
  • Power Crystals


  • Thunder Morpher
  • Tiger Morpher
  • Thunder Coins
  • Thunder Crystals


  • Ninja Morpher
  • White Ninja Morpher
  • Ninja Coins
  • Ninja Strolls


  • Aquitar Morpher
  • Pink Aquitar Morpher
  • Green Aquitar Morpher
  • Silver Aquitar Morpher
  • Aquitar Coins


  • Zeonizers
  • Goldenizer


  • Turbo Morpher

In Space

  • Astro Morpher
  • Digimorpher

Lost Galaxy

  • Transmorpher
  • Magna Defender Morpher

Lightspeed Rescue

  • Rescue Morpher
  • Titanium Morpher

Time Force

  • Chrono Morpher
  • Quantum Morpher

Wild Force

  • Growl Phones
  • Lunar Caller

Ninja Storm

  • Wind Morpher
  • Thunder Morpher
  • Samurai Cyclone Morpher

Dino Thunder

  • Dino Morpher
  • Brachio Morpher
  • Stego Morpher
  • Drago Morpher


  • Delta Morpher
  • Patrol Morpher
  • Omega Morpher
  • Kat Morpher
  • Nova Morpher
  • Quantum Delta Morpher

Mystic Force

  • Mystic Morpher
  • White Mystic Morpher
  • Solar Cell Morpher
  • Wolf Morpher
  • Knight Wolf Morpher
  • Moon Morpher

Operation Overdrive

  • Overdrive Tracker
  • Mercury Morpher

Jungle Fury

  • Solar Morpher
  • Wolf Morpher
  • Rhino Morpher
  • Cougar Morpher
  • Elephant Morpher
  • Bat Morpher
  • Shark Morpher


  • Cell Shift Morpher
  • Rev Morpher
  • Sky Morpher

Super Samurai

  • Samuraizer
  • Samurai Morpher

Megaforce/Super Megaforce

  • Gosei Morpher
  • Robo Morpher
  • Legendary Morpher
  • Legendary Silver Morpher

Dino Charge

  • Dino Charge Morpher
  • Gold Ptera Morpher
  • Titano Charge Morpher

Ninja Steel

  • Blade Morpher
  • Burger Morpher

Energy Chasers

  • Energy Chaser Morpher
  • Stag Morpher

Unofficial Mega

  • MMZ-01 Anime Figure Morpher
  • MMZ-03 Anime Figure Morpher
  • MMZ-00 Anime Figure Morpher


  • Train Morpher
  • Train Smartphone Morpher

Wild Prime

  • Cube Phone
  • Beast Morpher
  • Gold Cube Phone

Nine Force

  • Rainbow Star Morpher
  • Dragon Staff
  • Phoenix Sword and Shield Morpher

Harmony Force

  • Magic Morpher
  • Honesty Morpher
  • Kindness Morpher
  • Laughter Morpher
  • Generosity Morpher
  • Loyalty Morpher
  • Wisdom Morpher
  • Courage Morpher
  • Hope Morpher
  • Passionate Morpher

Data Squad

  • Digital Wrest Morpher
  • Remote Cyclone Morpher


  • Sentinel Morpher
  • MMZ-02 Anime Figure Battlizer


  • The Humongous Rangers and other Heroes use the Legendary Morpher by using their ranger keys to became the legendary power rangers by its replica.
  • In each Season they will use the device and they will say the phrase, and the suits and helmets will fit them.


Battlizer Gallery

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