6 Legendary Warriors

The Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia (also called the Ancient Warriors) are Bakugan who defeated an army of Gargonoids long ago. Since then, they have become legends, and preside over Vestroia from the Doom Dimension. There is one of each Attribute.

The Soldiers

  • Apollonir: The Leader of the Six Soldiers. He is of the Pyrus Attribute and possesses the best leadership skills. (Battled versus Dan Kuso and DeltaDragonoid in the 1st season, and against Spectra Phantom and Vexos Dragonoid in New Vestroia with Dan Kuso, too)
  • Clayf: The physical strongest of the Six Soldiers. He is of the Subterra Attribute. (Battled against Julie Makimoto and Hammer Gorem)
  • Exedra: The most powerful of the Six Soldiers. He is of the Darkus Attribute. (Battled against Masquerade(Alice Gehabich) and Dual Hydranoid)
  • Frosch: The most tactical of the Six Soldiers. He is of the Aquos Attribute. (Battled against Marucho Marukura and the Preyas Brothers)
  • Lars Lion: The wisest of the Six Soldiers. She is of the Haos Attribute. (Battled against Runo Misaki and Blade Tigrerra)
  • Oberus: The most compassionate of the Six Soldiers. She is of the Ventus Attribute. (Battled against Shun Kazami and Storm Skyress)


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