Leslie McGroarty

Leslie McGroarty: City Girl Extraordinaire

Leslie McGroarty is the main protagonist in The Itsy Bitsy Spider franchise. She is a perky, cheerful and fun-loving young city girl, who lived in the big city. Leslie loves things like bugs (especially spiders), hanging out with boys, bicycling, skateboarding, studying karate, farting, eating candies and something else boyish. She is a tomboy. One day, during the piano lesson, she sees a country spider named Itsy for the first time. Leslie had the magical ability to shrink herself to bug size.


Leslie is a slender tomboy with short black hair. She wears circular shaped glasses, a light blue dress with puffed sleeves and a red belt, white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.


  • Leslie McGroarty is the first Hyperion Animation character to be a female protagonist.