This is how let the games begin goes in Thomas and Friends: Olympics Special.

Vice Principle Luna: [over P.A. system] Good morning, students. I'm sure you're all thrilled to start the first day of the Friendship Games. Our competitors will face off in every aspect of the CHS curriculum, culminating in the elimination equation finale.

Ryan F-Freeman: This will be lots of fun.

[They see Dean Arcee]

Meg Griffin: Good luck, Ryan.

Trixie: The Great and Powerful Trixie is with you and Meg, Ryan.

Dean Arcee: Okay, students.

Sly Cooper: Right. This is it, friends.

Dean Arcee: Today's event will be the series of science, baking, home-ec and everything in between. I call it the Academic Decathlon.

[Ryan looks at the script]

Ryan F-Freeman: She's right, Ryvine.

Bentley (Sly Cooper): I love science, Crash.

[Crash high fives Bentley]

Dean Arcee: The event starts now!

[The song ACADEA starts playing]

Ryan and the Dazzlings: Ho! We're gonna take you down~

Ho! We're gonna take you down~

Take you down Ho!~

The Cyberlings, Cody Fairbrother, Emmet and the Dark Stars: We're gonnat take you down~

Take you down~

Down, down down~

Zack and the Shadowbolts: Ho! We're here to take you out~

We're here to take you out~

Take you out~

We're here to take you out~

Take you out~


Ryan, the Dazzlings, Meg Griffin, Emmet, Sly Cooper and the Gang, Ryvine, Twivine and Wondercolts: We're not about to let you win, so get out of our way~

Think you got us beat, but we're here to stay~

United strong, yeah, we'll take you down~

You're not so tough, now you're in our town~

All of the times we lost before~

Not about to give up, we're only bringin' it more~

We can smell your fear, we can see your sweat~

Hope you didn't spend money 'cause you're losin' this bet!~

You've got nothin' on us~

Na, na, na-na-na, na~

Let's go, Wondercolts!~

You've got nothin' on us~

Na, na, na-na-na, na~

Let's go, Wondercolts!~

Sci-Ryan and the Shadowbolts: Talk a little too much for a school that never wins~

Maybe you should just stop 'fore you even begin~

We are Crystal Prep High and we have a reputation~

Every little moment is about our education~

Put your ear to the ground~

Listen to that sound~

You're a house of cards~

And it's about to fall down (fall down)~

About to fall down (fall down), hit the ground~

You've got nothin' on us~

Na, na, na-na-na, na~

Let's go, Shadowbolts!~

You've got nothin' on us~

Na, na, na-na-na, na~

Let's go, Shadowbolts!~

Evil Ryan, Lapis lazuli, Stan the Jabberwocky, Sly and the gang and Wondercolts: Pressure's on, now we're gonna beat you~

Step aside, it's time that we defeat you~

Crystal Prep yourself 'cause you're about to go~

Down, down, down, down~

Hope, SMG3, Sci-Ryan, the Diesel Trio and Shadowbolts: Pressure's on, you know we're gonna take you~

Just give up before we have to break you~

Canter-not-a-lot, you're about to go~

Down, down, down, down~

Crash, Ryan, Steven Universe, Mario, Cody and Wondercolts: Take it up to the top~

'Cause we know we can win~

Hope, SMG3, Sci-Ryan, the Diesel Trio and Shadowbolts: Maybe you should just stop~

'Cause we've seen you give in~

Ryan, the Dazzlings, the Cyberlings, Sly Cooper and the Gang, Ryvine, Twivine and Wondercolts: We believe in ourselves~

And we've got what it takes~

All: And we're not gonna stop~

Thomas (EG): I can't wait 'til this is all over~

There's so much more that's going on~

Timothy and Bertram T. Monkey: And before these games are over~

We'll find out just what he's done~

All: Can he do it? Will he make it?~

Who will win it? Who will take it?~

Can he do it? Who will take it?~

Did he win it? Did he make it?~

Who's the winner? Who's the reject?~

How did he answer?~

Vice Principle Shinnok:[points to Timothy] Wrong!

Principle Cinch: [points to Bertram] Incorrect.

Matau T. Monkey: Oh for the love of Bananas.

Timothy: Well, at least we tried.

Bertram T. Monkey: That's right, Tim. Let's see how Thomas and Sci-Ryan has done.

[Bertram looks at the board where Thomas and Sci-Ryan are standing]

Sci-Ryan: What do you think?

Thomas (EG): I think you did good, bro.

[A flash of light happens]

Thomas (EG): What is that?

Sci-Ryan: Someone took a photo.

Vice Principle Luna: That means the winner of the Friendship Games' first event is Thomas and Crystal Prep!

Sci-Ryan: And Ryan?

[She nods]

Sci-Ryan: Yeah! We did it, bro.

[They high-five]

Ryvine Sparkle: I have to admit. They're smart.

[The Crystal Prep students produce scattered applause and depressed cheering]

Sci-Ryan: Thank you. Thank you. You're so kind.

Ryan F-Freeman:[whispering] Positive energy, Adagio. Look.

[Adagio looks at the red mist on the floor]

Ryvine Sparkle: What is this red cloud, Ryan?

[Ryan holds a sign that says "It's called positive energy."]

Jenna: [approaches human Thomas] So, Thomas. I got to hand it to you, you did pretty good.

Sci-Ryan: Thanks.[looks down] Where did this red cloud come from?

[Sci-Ryan follows the red cloud and saw Ryan and the Dazzlings absorbing it into their pendants]

Sci-Ryan: Is Ryan a siren like you, Adagio?

Adagio Dazzle: Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wait. What? How am I a siren like you, Dagi?

[Adagio holds up a sign that says "Because that pendant you're wearing is a part of you."]

Ryan F-Freeman: My pendant?? [screams] What happened to me? How did it fuse into me?

[Sci-Ryan shrugs his shoulders for "I don't know."]

Ryan F-Freeman: I don't know how my pendant fuse in me. But, can you tell me, Adagio?

Adagio Dazzle: Well, Ryan. Sometimes when you get your pendant attached to you and when you put it on, it fuses into you and made you a siren like me and my sisters.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow! That's nice. I thought back in the last film that I said that I don't die or become like you when I put on my pendant.

[Matau holds up a sign that says "Wow! How did that pendant get attached to Master Ryan, Adagio? I thought his pendant protect him from your singing."]

[Adagio smiles]

Ryan F-Freeman: So. My pendant turns me from myself into a siren. Is it about the change you're talking about, Adagio?

Cody Fairbrother: My brother is an Equestrian Siren?! I hope this isn't permanent.

[Ryan shacks his head for "No" and his eyes start to glow green]

Thomas (EG): What's wrong with him?

[Sci-Ryan shrugs]

Crash Bandicoot: I hope you got wings and armor in your anthro-pony form, Ryan.

[Cody holds up a mirror to reveal that Ryan has gained his armor, wings like Twilight's, Pony ears and extended hair]

Ten Cents: Wow, Ryan! You look awesome!

[Ryan blushes and grabs Alvin's cap]

Alvin: Hey! Don't touch the cap.

[Ryan lets go of Alvin's cap]

Ten Cents: Looks like Ryan is a Prime and a prince.

[Ryan nods and wonders how his pendant fuse into him]

Billy Shoepack: How did that pendant fuse into Ryan?

[Matau hopes the pendant fusing into Ryan isn't permanent]

Ten Cents: Is the change of the Prime-prince into a siren permanent, Adagio?

[Adagio shakes her head]

Ryan F-Freeman: Good. [to Adagio] Looks like we're friends, Dagi. I told Tim that I became a Prime and a prince.

[Adagio nods]

Ryan F-Freeman: I'm just wondering why are my eyes are glowing green?

Sari Sumdac: Me too, Ryan.

[Crash holds up a sign that says "Well, Sari. Your brother's eyes are glowing green is because the pendant he's wearing is the part of him and he's on his high heels of the magic that turned him into a siren like Adagio and her sisters."]

Thomas (EG): The cyborg version of my brother is an Equestrian siren!?

[Sci-Ryan nods]

Thomas (EG): Wow! I guess you and Twilight do understand magic.

[Sci-Ryan holds up a sign that says "I understand magic by reading a book about it while Twilight just unleashed the magic from her amulet and became Midnight Sparkle."]

Thomas (EG): Midnight Sparkle?

[Ryan nods]

Sari Sumdac: So, Ryan is a siren like Contralto and you, Adagio?

[Adagio smiles and looks at someone who looks like Zorran]

Ryan F-Freeman: Who is that? I think that might be Zorran.[smirks like Adagio and his eyes stop glowing green]

Matau T. Monkey: I don't think that's Zorran, Master Ryan. Why are you smirking like Adagio?

[Ryan turns to them and points at the boy]

Matau T. Monkey: What?

Ryvine Sparkle: Do you think the Nighttime villains are sirens, Ryan?

[Ryan shakes his head and points to the boy that looks like Zorran]

[Above Matau's head a thought bubble appears to reveal that Ryan seeing Twilight Sparkle becoming a siren after Adagio puts a pendant around her neck]

[Twilight looks at Ryan and her eyes are glowing green]

[Ryan walks towards Twilight Sparkle]

Twilight Sparkle: Ahhhhhhhhhh~

Twilight Sparkle and the Dazzlings: Ah, ah, ahhhhhhhh~

Ryan F-Freeman: What's wrong with you, Twilight?

[Twilight just puts her finger on Ryan's mouth and continues singing]

Twilight Sparkle: Ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah~

[Ryan's eyes turn into pink hearts]

Matau T. Monkey: Master Ryan??

[Ryan focuses on Twilight as he feels himself falling in her singing trance]

Ryan F-Freeman and Twilight Sparkle: Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah~

Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah~

Twilight Sparkle: Welcome to the show~


Ryan F-Freeman: You're here to let me know~

Twilight Sparkle: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah~

My time is now~

Ryan F-Freeman: Ah, ah, ah, ah~

The Dazzlings and Ryan F-Freeman: Your (My) time is running out~

Twilight Sparkle: That's right, Ryan. Ah, ah, ah~

Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah~

Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah~

Feel my wave of sound~

Crash Bandicoot: Huh?

Twilight Sparkle: As it comes down on you~

You can't turn away~

I'll make you wanna stay~

I will be adored~

Tell me that you want me~

I won't be ignored~

Ryan F-Freeman: It's time for your reward~

Twilight Sparkle: Now you need me~

Come and heed me~

Ryan F-Freeman: Nothing can stop you now~

[Ryan, Twilight and the Dazzlings transform into thier half Pony forms while Ryan gains his Cybertronian armor and siren wings like the Dazzlings and the colours of wings are the same as Aria's]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow![knocks on his armor]

[Ryan looks at his wings and resumes singing]

Ryan F-Freeman: What you have in store?~

[Twilight puts her hand on Ryan's shoulder]

Twilight Sparkle: All I want and more~

I will break on through~

Ryan F-Freeman: Ah, ah~

Twilight Sparkle: [turns to Thomas] Now it's time to finish you~

[Thomas gasps and Ryan flies towards him]

Sideswipe: Ryan? Are you ok?

[Ryan stops]

Ryan F-Freeman:[talks like himself and Adagio] I am more then ok. I'm adored with Twilight.

[Matau looks at Ryan in his siren anthro form]

Matau T. Monkey: You look awesome, Master Ryan. Looks like you're a smitten Kitten with Twilight. What happened to her?

[Ryan blushes and points to the pendant Twilight is wearing]

[Twilight flies to Ryan and kiss him]

Strongarm: Wow! That is amazing.

Ryan F-Freeman: How did you got that pendant and you sing to me, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Well, I got it from those girls. Plus, it helps me to sing to put you under my spell.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow! That explains you give me a kiss and those flowers.[sniffs on a flower] At least I'm happy with these wings and I got my pendant. I hope the change of you isn't permanent.

[Twilight winks and clicks her fingers that signals the Dazzlings to the surprise]

Matau T. Monkey: What's a surprise?

[The Dazzlings vocalize and overpowers Thomas and his friends]

James: That's cool.

[In reality, Ryan looks at the thought bubble]

Ryan F-Freeman: Who is that handsome one with Twilight?

[Ryvine looks at Ryan with Twilight in the bubble]

[Ryan took a photo of Ryan and Twilight in a bubble, then Ryvine holds up a sign that says "Wow! How come Twilight has you under her spell and what movie would it be?"]

Thomas (EG): We don't know but I think it will be called "Ryan's New Dazzling Adventure".

[Matau agrees with what Thomas said and looks at the thought bubble]

Thomas (EG): What is that?

Ryan F-Freeman: That's me and Princess Twilight.

[Thomas smiles and looks at a pendant on Twilight's neck]

Thomas (EG): Why is she wearing a pendant, Ryan?

[Ryan shrugs and looks at the summery of "Ryan's New Dazzling Adventure"]

[Thomas looks with Ryan and finds writing that says "Ryan, Twilight and the Dazzlings are in their class."]

[the thought bubble disappears]

Thomas (EG): Wow!

Sci-Ryan: Yup. It's a bit like Midnight Sparkle when I saw her last time.


Thomas: What the?!

Ryan F-Freeman: She has unleashed the magic.

[Sci-Twi starts to float up]

Thomas: Wow!

Bertram T. Monkey: Oh my...

Sci-Twi: HELP!!!! MEEEE!!!!![reaches out her hand]

Ryan F-Freeman: I'll save you, Sci-Twi.[activates his jetpack, flies up and grabs Sci-Twi's hand] But, who's going to save me?

Matau T. Monkey: I'll save you, Master Ryan.[jumps up and grabs Ryan's hand]

[Matau, Ryan and Sci-Twi gets sucked into the magic]

Sci-Ryan: TWILIGHT!!!!

Crash Bandicoot: Matau!!! Ryan!!!

[The magic starts to transform Matau, Ryan and Sci-Twi]

Ryan F-Freeman:[in Dalek Emperor's voice] WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MEEEE!?

[Matau gains a robot body with Cybernetics, a helmet like Optimus' with a blue visor, his jetpack wings and a nametag that says "Matau Transformer Monkey". Ryan gains his features like Midnight Sparkle, his skin is dark blue, his wings are like Midnight's wings but a lighter shade of blue, a tail like Midnight has, a horn and those fiery things around his eyes. Sci-Twi transforms into Midnight Sparkle]

Sci-Ryan: Whoa!

Crash Bandicoot: Wow! What about Matau?

Bertram T. Monkey: I don't know, Crash, but my twin brother looks fabulous.

[The three goes to laugh and Midnight looks at Sunset]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Ha ha! I'm back, baby. I'm still a hero.

[Sci-Ryan just looks at the three]

Midnight Sparkle: You were right! I didn't understand magic before. But I do now!

Matau Transformer Monkey: Hey, Midnight Sparkle. I can hear you from here. I understand magic like Sci-Ryan and I'm flying like a hovercraft or something.

Sci-Ryan: Twilight!!! Is that you in this form? And, nice magic you got there too.

Midnight Sparkle: Yes. You know, Ryan, I always wanted to understand magic like you. And call me Midnight Sparkle.

Sci-Ryan: Ok. Boy. I am the first one to see you, Midnight Sparkle.

[Midnight smiles and uses her magic to lift Sci-Ryan up into the air]

Sci-Ryan: Whoa! I'm feeling like Mr. Blobby hugged me, Twilight. Or is it Midnight?

[Midnight uses her magic on the Wondercolts statue and it blows to bits opening a portal in the process]

Batman (The LEGO Movie): It that...?

Cody and Sunset: Equestria!

Wyldstyle: It is!

Sci-Ryan: I hope I understand magic. But if you're down there, please save me, Adagio Dazzle.

Crash Bandicoot: Oh my gosh. She's got magic.

[Adagio and her sisters arrive and the Dark Stars are with them]

Rigby (EG): Thank goodness you're here, Adagio. Watch out!

[Midnight uses her magic to blast open another portal after Sunset, Crash and their friends jumped out of the way]

Sci-Ryan: I'm not held hostage. I can fly.

Agalope: You won't get away with what you are doing, Midnight. We'll make sure of it.

Evil Ryan: What happened to you, Ryan?

[Dark Ryan holds up a sign that says "I am Dark Ryan F-Freeman. Midnight Sparkle's boyfriend." then helps Midnight open the portal to Equestria and kisses Midnight on the cheek]

Midnight Sparkle: Aw!

[But Dark Ryan headbutts her]

Midnight Sparkle: Ow! I thought you are on my side.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Well, you were wrong. I have you as a girlfriend and all, but you can't do this.

Midnight Sparkle: Why not? There's a whole other world right there and it's just filled with magic!

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, missy. My friends can hear you. You're destroying this world to get it and I fight you in a magic duel or something.

[Dark Ryan uses his magic to make a Keyblade and give it to Midnight Sparkle]

Midnight Sparkle: Thanks. Now let's do this.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Let's understand magic, my girlfriend.[summons his Keyblade] And you want to understand it all!!!!

[They start to fight and Midnight gains the upper hand by opening a portal to Equestria]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: You can't hypnotize me.

Midnight Sparkle: So what? I can do that.[uses her magic to hypnotize Dark Ryan]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: But, you can....[gets hypnotized] I love you.

[Matau gasps and shoots Ultron]

Ultron: What? You? Here?

[Dark Ryan pulls Matau towards him]

Matau Transformer Monkey: What are you doing, Master Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: Look out, Ryan. Flying boy![flies and bonks Dark Ryan on the head]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Ow! Thanks, Sci-Ryan. Wait. You're flying?

[Sci-Ryan nods and turns to look at Midnight Sparkle]

Sci-Ryan: I'm happy for what you gave me, Twilight. I know you feel powerful right now, but like me, you can have everything you want. Cody's friend Sunset been where you are. She made the same mistake you're making. She put on a crown and, just like you, she's overwhelmed by the magic it has. She thought it could give her everything she wanted.

Midnight Sparkle: Oh, you're wrong. Unlike her, I can have everything I want!

[Sci-Ryan gasps and shocked of what she said]

Sci-Ryan: I understand you, Midnight. But I'll show you the powerful magic of all.[uses his amulet to transform himself]

[Sci-Ryan gains his armor, wings like Daydream Shimmer and her features]

Daydream Ryan: The Magic of Friendship!

Crash Bandicoot: Wow! Let's help Daydream Ryan, Cody and Sunset.

Cody Fairbrother: Time for Light Cody to help.

[Sunset nods]

Crash Bandicoot: All I know, Sci-Twi, is that true magic comes from Honesty! Loyalty! Kindness! Laughter! Generosity!

[Matau's bandmates and the Rainbooms start to glow]

Predaking (EG): I'm glowing! And so are we.

[The magic flows into Sci-Twi's amulet]

Rigby (EG): You understand Sci-Ryan, Midnight Sparkle. But, three of my friends and I will show you the most important magic of all!![uses Sci-Twi's amulet on Crash, Cody, Sunset and himself]

[Crash gains his Cybertronian armor, Daydream Shimmer's horn and his wings. Rigby (EG) transforms into a cyborg with Daydream Shimmer's features called the Rigitron. Cody turns into Light Cody Fairbrother and Sunset transforms into Daydream Shimmer]

Daydream Crash and Daydream Shimmer: The Magic of Friendship!

Evil Ryan: Time for help, friends.

[The Cyberlings and the Dazzlings transform into their antro pony forms with siren wings]

The Dazzlings and the Cyberlings: We need to stop you.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: [in Gandalf's voice] You.. shall not... PASS!!!

[Daydream Ryan and Daydream Shimmer uses their magic to close the rifts]

Midnight Sparkle: What?!

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: The rifts are closed, Midnight.[kisses Midnight]

[Kai takes a photo and then jumps onto Daydream Ryan]

Nya: Let's get her, Ryan. Charge!!

[Midnight and Dark Ryan charge at each other with their magic and they hit]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa!

Mr. Blobby: Blobby, blobby!

Daydream Ryan: I'll help you, Ryan!

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Sci-Ryan.[points his Keyblade at Midnight Sparkle]

[Midnight fires a beam of magic at Dark Ryan but Dark Ryan, Light Cody, Daydream Ryan and Daydream Shimmer fires their own beams and they hit]

Matau Transformer Monkey: Looks like it's a stand-off, Bertram.

Bertram T. Monkey: You said it, Matau. Let's get Ultron and the bad clone of me!

[Bertram flies to fight the bad clone of Bertram, who has put on the Foundation Gantlet and transformed into Bertranos]

Bertram T. Monkey: You may be me from the past but you can't do it with Midnight Sparkle!!!

Bertranos: Oh, see that, Bertram?

[Bertram looks to see Midnight Sparkle used her beam stronger against his friends. Then Dark Ryan fights Midnight in a sword fight and she reopens the rifts to Equestria]

Bertranos: Well, Bertram. If Sunset join us she can rule Equestria like what she will in the Equestria Girls movie.

Bertram T. Monkey: No!

Matau Transformer Monkey: Take that!!![punches Bertranos]

[Bertranos is angry at Matau]

Matau Transformer Monkey: Oh! Did you see that, Bertram?

[Bertram nods and looks at the Foundation Elements on the Foundation Gauntlet]

The Rigitron: Those Foundation Elements are on the Gauntlet.

Matau Transformer Monkey: If we destroy the gauntlet then the Foundation Elements can return back their original worlds and Daydream Shimmer and Dark Ryan can fight Midnight and turn her back to Sci-Twi.

[The Rigitron nods]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Ready, Sunset?

[Daydream Shimmer nods]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Okay. Let's try again!

[Dark Ryan and Daydream Shimmer uses their magic to close the rifts]


Midnight Sparkle: Have at you!

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Okay!

Bertranos:[in Lord Vortech's voice] Now... how to begin?

[Matau Transformer Monkey grabs the Foundation Gauntlet]

Bertranos: Hey! Leave the "Foundation Gauntlet" alone!

[Matau pulls it off Bertranos' arm]

The Rigitron: Nice, Matau.

Matau Transformer Monkey: You can never rule in Equestria.[punches the Foundation Gauntlet and it cracks]

Bertranos:[in Plankton's voice] Give it back!!

[Matau shacks his head for "No!"]

Daydream Ryan: The Foundation elements are going back![hits the Foundation Gauntlet with his Keyblade and it cracks further]

Bertranos: I'll get you, Sci-Ryan! And your magic powered friends too! I will get my revenge on you and Matau!

Daydream Ryan: You know the last thing I want to do is...

Bertranos: NO!!!

Matau Transformer Monkey, the Rigitron and Daydream Ryan: Keep you apart!!!

[Bertram smashes the Foundation Gauntlet and it explodes then the Foundation Elements fly back to their original worlds]


[Bertranos turns back to Bertram T. Monkey (bad clone)]

Bertram T. Monkey: Sorry. The Foundation Gauntlet is gone forever.

Bertram T. Monkey (bad clone): No matter.

[Dark Ryan and Daydream Shimmer look at each other and at Midnight]

Bertram T. Monkey (bad clone): I just remembered Master Xehanort just gave me a job with him in another world. Bye.[teleports out of the courtyard with pieces of the Foundation Gauntlet]

[Matau holds up a sign that says "We'll get him next time and he might fix the Foundation Gauntlet."]

Bertram T. Monkey: Yup. Have at thee, crow winged girl!

[Bertram charges at Midnight and she used her magic to keep him in place]

Bertram T. Monkey: Uh oh! I can't move!

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Let's fire our beams at Midnight, Sunset.

Evil Ryan: I'll help you, Ryan!

[Midnight fires her beam at Dark Ryan but he and Daydream Shimmer fires their beams and they hit]

Bertram T. Monkey: Can you please unfreeze me, Adagio?

Evil Ryan: Dagi and I'll get you down now, Bertram. You can see what's happening.

[Midnight's beam is stronger then Dark Ryan's and Daydream Shimmer's]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Hold on!

Midnight Sparkle:[laughs crazily]

Bertram T. Monkey: Sunset! Ryan! Hang on!!!

[Spike the Dog comes up to Daydream Ryan]

Daydream Ryan and Spike the Dog: Twilight!

Bertram T. Monkey: TWILIGHT!!!!

[Midnight looks at them and their eyes are big puppy dog like]

Midnight Sparkle: Spike. Ryan. Bertram.

Buck the Wiesel (EG): She's distracted, mates!

Metalbeard: NOW!

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Metalbeard. Do it with me, Sunset!!

Daydream Shimmer: Right, Ryan.

[They do what Daydream Shimmer did]

The Cyberlings: YEAH!!!!!!!

Midnight Sparkle: NOOOO!!!!

[Dark Ryan, Daydream Shimmer and Midnight gets engulfed by a bright light and Dark Ryan reaches out his hand]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Take my hand, Midnight. Let me and Cody's friend show you there's another way. Just like Crash did for Captain Hook and I did for the Dazzlings.

Midnight Sparkle: Ryan? Is that you?

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. I can help you if you take my hand. I'm still your boyfriend after all.

[Midnight smiles and reaches out her hand]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks.[grabs Midnights's hand]

[Daydream and Midnight float down to the ground with Dark Ryan turning back into their normal selves]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. No idea what happened but I did good, Sunset.

[Sunset nods]

Sci-Twi: Sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for any of this to happen.[starts crying]

[Ryan puts his hand on Sci-Twi's shoulder]

Ryan F-Freeman: I know, Sci-Twi. And going by my experiences with Sunset, they'll forgive you.

Daydream Ryan: Twilight! You're ok!

Sci-Twi: Oh, Ryan.[hugs Daydream Ryan]

Bertram T. Monkey: Ryan? What's wrong with your hair? It's all scruffy looking.

Ryan F-Freeman: It was like that when I came out of that light.

Matau Transformer Monkey: How did you kiss Midnight, Master Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: I guess it's when I'm Dark Ryan F-Freeman, Matau.

Sunset Shimmer: Ryan. You did well with me. [hugs Ryan] My friend.

Sir Daniel Fortesque (EG): Zarok. The magic of friendship is everywhere. You could seek it out or forever be alone.

Zarok (EG): Curse you, Fortesque! Curse you! Curse you... TRICEFOLD! So. My plan is ruined. I am finally defeated! I'm not like Sunset. But, if I am to fail then I'm not reforming! [leaves with Principle Cinch]

[Flashback ends]

Rigby (EG): Oh yeah. Good times, Ryan.

Sci-Ryan: Yup. Bertram, Spike and I did help out.

Flain (EG): Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: Flain? How's it going, my fellow Shadowbolt.

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