This is how Lewa's Corruption goes in The Return of Harmony Part 1.

[Lewa walks along]

Lewa: [whistling]

[He goes into a balloon garden]

Balloons: [sing-song laughter]

Lewa: [chuckling] Whee! This is the greatest balloon garden I've ever seen! It's the first balloon garden I've ever seen, but still! Wah! [backs off]

Balloons: [laughing]

Lewa: Hey, what gives?

[The Lord of Skull Spiders appears]

Lord of Skull Spiders: What's the matter, Lewa? I thought you appreciated a good laugh?

Lewa: It's different. They're laughing at me.

Lord of Skull Spiders: It's hardly different. Your friends laugh at you all the time.

Lewa: My friends laugh with me, not at me.

Lord of Skull Spiders: Oh, really? [laughing]

Lewa: No! Stop it!

Balloons: [laughing]

Lewa: Stop laughing at me!

Lord of Skull Spiders: Oh, poor Lewa. And here I thought laughter made you happy.

[He hypnotizes Lewa and he turns colorless]

Lewa: [gravelly] Happy? I don't think so.

[Tahu appears]

Tahu: Lewa! Are we glad to see you!

Lewa: Oh you are, huh? Why? Need a good laugh?

Tahu: Lewa? What do you suppose has him so upset? It's not like him.

Onua: I didn't notice anything strange about Lewa. [moves on]

Tahu: Weird. Better pick up the pace before the stress of this gets the better of all of us.

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