Lewis from meet the robinsons

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Meet The Robinsons....

Lewis is the main character in Meet The Robinsons he was an orphan when he was a little baby when his mother dropped him off at the orphange. In the film he invented the pb and jelly which he did but it failed so he created a memory scanner but was broken by the bowler hat guy when he goes to the future he has to find a family of his own when he meets Bud Fritz Joe Aunt Petunia Tullah and lazlo with franny gaston and art and in the year 2037 he had a look alike with Cornelious Robinson at the end of the film and it was reviled that Lewis has a son name wilbur and to keep moving forward after saving 2037 Lewis decied to fix things and got a family at the end of the film


Lewis will meet Pooh, The Vultures, Jiminy, Zazu, Spongebob, Bloom and the others in Yru17's version Of Pooh's Adventures of Meet The Robinsons.

Lewis and wilbur robinson won't join the Shell Louge Squad but will meet spyro and the rest of the shell louge squad if Scroopfan Makes a spyro and friends in Meet The Robinsons.

It is unknown if lewis and wilbur robinson if they guest star in some of the Pooh's adventures, Bloom's adventures Simba timon and pumbaa ash's adventures and littlefoot's adventures if they can try to get in with pooh and friends.