This is the episode for Connor Lacey's Adventures of DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High.

[Theme Song]

[This Story starts at Super Hero High]

Ryagio Dazzle: Ah. Soon, Connor. When Cheetah and I will be Heroes of the Month, and to you and Wonder Woman, will be kicked out of this school, forever.

[Ryagio laughed evilly with Kairia and Chris Dusk]

Ryagio Dazzle: [moves his hands to the sides to tell his two band mates to stop laughing]

Chirs Dusk: Right.

Ryagio Dazzle: And I think I have a plan that will send him sky high.

[Then, Connor shows up]

Connor Lacey: Hey, Ryan.

Ryagio Dazzle: Hi, Connor. And Ryan is having a rest. So, what lesson will you do?

Connor Lacey: A flying test with Batgirl.

Ryagio Dazzle: Cool.

Kairia Blaze: Although you and Wonder-Girl, or whatever she is called, are not under our spell. How did you know Ryan is Masqurade?

Connor Lacey: Well, I noticed that when he wore the mask.

Sci-Ryan: Cool. What did he wear as Masquerade? Oh wait. Let me see. [puts his hand on Ryagio's hand then his eyes turn white]

[Flashback to a scene from Connor Lacey Trapped in Vestroia]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. [picks up a mask] I wonder who this belongs to. I think I better wear it.

[Ryan puts on the mask]

Ryan F-Freeman: Awesome. It fits like a glove.

[Ryan feels a change]

Ryan F-Freeman: Uh oh. I can feel a change coming on.

[Ryan changes to Masquerade]

Masquerade: I'm back!

[Masquerade looks at the mirror]

Masquerade: Cool. Now, I will help my friends. Including Connor and his friends.

[Flashback ends and Sci-Ryan's eyes turn normal]

Sci-Ryan: Whoa. Ryan did remember being a vampire in the world of Ooo. He also remember becoming Masquerade.

Connor Lacey: I guess he has a triple personality.

Ryagio Dazzle: You think? At least I turn into Dark Ryan at the Friendship Games And Everfree Prime Gale at Camp Everfree.

Chris Dusk: I think it might be like Ryagio has Ryan as a part of him. So, that makes it a five-split personality.

Ryagio Dazzle: Ok. That includes Ryan's alternate personalities. I got an idea to have Batgirl a real flight show on the Batwing.

Connor Lacey: I hope she'll do good.

Sci-Ryan: Me too.

[Kairia chuckles]

Connor Lacey: Well, let's see what Batgirl is up to.

Ryan F-Freeman: [in Ryagio's mind] Kairi. I hope you control your siren powers.

Kairi (Kingdom Hearts): [in Kairia's mind] Yes, Ryan. I feel so powerful.

[Then, at the

Kairia Blaze: Hey, Batgirl. You ready for the flying the batwing test?

Batgirl: Yeah, Kairia.

Kaira Blaze: I guess like the original Dazzlings. We have been known to sing from time to time.

Chris Dusk: Hello? We sing, like, all the time. It's how we get people to do what we want.

Ryagio Dazzle: