Pooh And The gang is helping to decorate the Youth Center for the costume party. Bulk and Skull end up having to help, Zack goes after Angela again, and Tommy helps Kimberly And The Girls paint. Bulk and Skull & Monk's antics once again end with Bulk, Pochiro. & Bakumaru getting hit with Lot's of buckets of paint.

Rita & Nyanma goes ahead with her plan to mine Super Putty, but needs to distract Pooh & The Others & the Rangers. Finster creates a Frankenstein Monster & Rouran Summons Doron The Most Spookiest Of The Time Shifters. And Then Are sent to Angel Grove.

Our Heroes & The five main Rangers convene at Billy's house, all wearing costumes. Tommy is still finishing his costume and plans on catching up with them. Bulk and Skull try on costumes in hope of finding ones that will win the the big prize at the party. Alpha & Bindi shows up at the party because They wanted to party with the Rangers & Bakumaru, and this costume bash would be the perfect opportunity. Frankenstein Monster & Doron crashes as well, but no one seems to notice.

Finster & Rouran heads the mining of the Super Putty at some cave.

Frankenstein Monster & Doron gets violent after its foiled attempt to catch the Rangers. They chases Bulk and Skull outside of the Youth Center. Billy & Drago follows the monsters to the cave. He morphs & Drago Turns Into A Dragon and battles the beasts with little success. They regroups with the others at the costume party as Rita & Nyanma erupts from the surface of Angel Grove on top of a giant ball of Super Putty. At the Command Center, Zordon & Aura fills the sixteen in on Rita & Nyanma's plans. Tommy & Orbit are ambushed by the Putties outside the Youth Center. The other five morph and go to confront Frankenstein Monster & Doron-Con. Are very powerful & Deadly Our Heroes and the Rangers are barely holding out when Rita & Nyanma makes Frankenstein Monster & Doron-con grow.

Megazord, Kirinda, Orbit-Master & Bubblegum-Master duels with the monsters and Tommy is finally able to morph and join his friends. Neither Dragonzord or Megazord have luck with fighting the creature so Dragonzord Battle Mode is formed. With the The Power Staff, the Rangers finally kill Frankenstein Monster & Bringing Doron To His Normal State Thanks To Bakumaru's Revealing Mirror after he initially manhandles the Dragonzord Battle Mode.

In the end, Tommy shows up in his Frankenstein Monster costume at the party. Ernie declares the winner of the costume contest to be... Alpha & Bindi, Bulk tells Skull to grab a can opener & frying , as he wants to learn what Alpha & Bindi really are. Alpha & Bindi states that his identity is one mystery that will have to remain unsolved


Our Story Begins On The Youth Center Preparing For The Halloween Costume Party

Ernie: Come On Let's Get A Move On Kids

Ernie: We Gotta Work To Do For This Costume Party

Bulk: Work

Bulk: We're Outta Here

Cream: Hey Nice Costumes

Dave Felis: Looks Like You Have Lot Of Fat To It

Ernie: Hey You Four String This Up

Monk: Thanks A Lot

Pochiro: Shut Up Monk

Zack: Hey Yo Angela

Zack: Can I Make You Some Assistance

Zack Holds The Paper

Jason: Yo' Zack

Bakumaru: Really The Love It's A Sickening Thing

Bakumaru: I'l Go For The Paints

Tommy: Hey Girls Made I You An Assistance

Souffle: Sure We Giving You Brush

Bulk, Skull, Pochiro, Monk Puts The Strings And Accidently Falls The Buckets Of Paint Into Bulk, Pochiro, Monk And Even Bakumaru

Monk Laughs

Monk: Hey Bakumaru You Look Like The Count Dracula

Trini: Now That's A Scary Thought

Everyone Laughs

Bakumaru: You May Think Like A Comedy To You Eh Trini?


Bakumaru & Pochiro Punches Monk's Head

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Finster: The Super Putty Is Ready

Rita: We're Gonna Keep Pooh And His Friends With The ETO Rangers. And The Power Rangers Busy Sending A Monster And Another Time Shifter To Their Costume Party

Nyanma: Is That A Nice Idea Gentlemen


Jyuken: Terrific Two Party Crashers

Nyanma: And The Nastiest Ones

Finster: Of Course My Empresses We're Going To Make The Nastiest Ones

Rouran: With The Time Shifter Doron It's A Real Spooky He Has The Ability To Free Ghost Spirits On His Mouth

Finster & Rouran Activates The Monstermatic And Frankenstein & Doron Appears

Nyanma: We Want You To Destroy Pooh And His Friends Along With The ETO Rangers. And The Power Rangers Can You Two Do It

Frankenstein: We Can

Doron: Count On Me

Rita: Good Then Get Them

Frankenstein & Doron Appears On Earth

Doron: Happy Halloween & Nightmare Terror Angel Grove

And In Billy's Garage

Kimberly: This Is Going To Be A Morphenomenal Party

Zack: Hey Billy You Look Like Exactly Like That Sherlock Holmes Dude

Billy: Thank You King Tut

Tart: Well Now The Only Thing To Find Out Who's Going To Win The First Prize

Zack: Hey Who Else

Kimberly: Hey Where's Tommy & Orbit

Jason: Their Costumes Are Not Finished But They'll Catch Us Later

Bakumaru: Hey Wait A Minute Okay

Bakumaru: Orbit Is A Time Shifter Why She Needs A Costume

Cream: Oh Maybe I Suspect Has Something Special To You

Bakumaru Blushes

Bakumaru: Nonsense

Zack: Hey Come On Let's Go To The Party

Meanwhile In Bulk & Skull's House

Bulk: Listen Ding Dong

Bulk: I Need An Excelent Costume To Win The Contest

Bulk: And You Are Going To Find Him

Skull: You Got It Bulky Boy

And Then First They Disguised As Hook & Peter Pan

Skull: I'l Be Captain Hook And You Could Be Peter Pan

Bulk: Skull There Is No Way To Go Anywhere In Little Green Tights

And Later They Disguised Like A Horse

Bulk: No There Is No Way To Be The Back End

And Finally They Disguised Like The Old & Young Versions Of Elvis Presley

Skull: Il Be Young Elvis And You The Old Elvis

Bulk: Huh Huh

They Begin To Dance Like Elvis And Finally Skull Kicks Bulk's Back

Frankenstein & Doron Appears On Their Window

Doron Laughs

Doron: What A Pair Of Morons

Doron: Come On I Know The Way To Get To The Youth Center

Meanwhile In The Youth Center

Everyone Enjoys The Party

Zack: Yo Angela Wanna Dance

Angela: Go Back To Your Tomb Tut

Dave Felis: Oooh

Zack: Man Even A King Is Enough For That Girl

Tigger: Angela 1 - Zack 0

Bulk & Skull Appears

Skull: Great Idea To Go To The Party Just As Punks Bulk

Bulk: Oh Yeah

Ernie Imitates Dracula

Ernie: I Want To Suck Your Blood

Tart: I Think I'll Pass Ernie

Ernie: How You Know Was Me

Alpha & Bindi Appears

Everyone Sees Alpha And Bindi

Dave Felis: Hold The Phone, Killers At Three At Clock!

Bakumaru Spits The Punch

Bakumaru: COME ON!

Bakumaru: Alpha, Bindi What Are You Doing Here

Alpha: Well We Want To Party With You Guys And We Think That's The Perfect Opportunity

Billy: Well You Have The Splendid Costumes

Alpha: What Costume

Bindi: What About A Dance

Bakumaru: Bindi Wait

Bindi Holds Bakumaru's Arms With Her Tentacles

Bakumaru: Bindiiii!

Cream: Bindi You Are Going To Regret This

Frankenstein & Doron Appears

Doron: Man This Place It's Completley Gruesome & Disgusting Let's Have Some Fun And Destroy The Rangers

Ernie: Now That Is A Costume

Meanwhile In The Cave

Rouran: Super Putty

Finster: How Delightful

Rouran: Now We Are Able To Make An Army Of Putty Patrollers

Finster: That Will Be Indestructible

Rouran: Oh The Empresses Will Be Neary Pleased

Finster: Now We Gotta Get The Putty To The Palace As Soon Is Possible

Meanwhile In The Youth Center The Troubles Go Bigger

Cream Punches Bakumaru

Dave Felis: Oh Oh Cupid Attacks!

Bakumaru: Hey you Didn't Hit Me For It

Cream: You Promised That Will Be No Problem In The Party

Cream: That's The Way To Keep A Promise

Bakumaru: It' Cant Be Keeped If That Pesky Of Bindi Come To Crash My Life Again

Cream: You Keep Using That Excuse To Break Your Own Promise Darling

Cream: You Don't Love Me Anymore Do You?

Bakumaru Goes In Shock

Bakumaru: Well... T-that... I-I-I

Bakumaru: I Love You...

Cream: Ba- Bakumaru!

Cream: This Is Suppose Not To Be In Public

Girl.1: You Are So Cute

Girl.2: I Just Love The Way You're Talk

Girl.3: Wow A Great Costume

Alpha: Oh Yeah Pretty Cool

Zack: Man It's Not fair I Mean Alpha It's Getting All The Girls Over Him

Tigger: Say! Who Are The Odd Couple

They Noticed Frankenstein & Doron

Pooh: I Don't Know But It's Sure They're Going To Win The First Prize

Drago: We're Going To Search More Clues But That Frankenstein & That Little Ghost Are Tommy & Orbit

Dave And The Boys Appears

Dave Felis: Ladies Want To Dance

Souffle: Sure

Cream Puts Cuffs On Their Hands And Also For Bakumaru

Bakumaru: This Is Humaliating

The Scene Of The Attack

Drago: We Gotta Find Out All This Crazyness

Meanwhile Doron & Frankenstein Are Going To The Cave

Doron: I Enjoy The Expression On Their Faces

Drago: I Got A Bad Feeling About This Let's Go

They Enter To The Cave

Jyuken: Hurry Up You Slowpokes

Jyuken: Our Evilnesses Will Be Here Any Second

Rita & Nyanma Appears

Nyanma: Okay Knuckleheads We're Is Our Super Putty

Baboo: You See Now They Are Angry

Frankenstein: YEAH!

Doron: Congratulations For The Award Of The Worst Lazy Of The Year!

Rita: You Know What To Do

Rouran: Yes Our Queens We're Almost Done

Rita: Good Now With Pooh And His Friends With The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers Done For

Nyanma: And Soon They Will Be Too Loon

Billy & Drago Investigates The Cave And Make Them Sound The Alarm

Rita: Hey You 2 Are Going To Take Care Of The Brats Right Now

Doron: Don't Worry Empress Rita You Can Count On Us Come On Big Guy

Frankenstein & Doron Attacks Billy & Drago

Billy: My Deductions Tell Me That You Are Not Tommy & Orbit

Billy: It's Time For Molecular Transmutation (It's Morphin Time)

Drago: I'm With You Billy

The MMPR Logo Appears

Billy: Triceratops

Drago Activates The Dragon Sphere And Activates By Telling The Numbers Of 1 To 3

Drago: 1-2-3

And Transforms Into A Dragon

Doron: From The Words Of Beetlejuice It's Showtime

Doron: Doron Shapeshift To DORON-CON!

They Begin To Fight

Meanwhile In The Youth Center

Billy: We Have A Big Situation

Kimberly: No Kidding An Earthquake Appears

Billy: No It's Rita & Nyanma And Frankenstein Is One Of Her Goons And The Little Ghost With The Pumpkin Head With Him Is One The Time Shifters His Name Is Doron

Kimberly: WHAT!

Bakumaru: Or Maybe Zordon And The Princess Wants To Told About

Jason: We Gotta Find Tommy And Go To The Command Center

Pakaracchi: But Tommy Dosen't Show Up

Bakumaru: We're Going Without Him

Tart: Then Come On

They Teleport To The Command Center

Jason: Zordon, Princess Aura What's Going On

Zordon: Rangers, Rita & Nyanma Plans To Use The Frankenstein Monster & The Time Shifter Doron-con To Destroy You And Conquer The City With An Army Of Super Putties That They Created

Trini: Super Putties?

Aura: Yes A New Form Of Putty Patrollers That's Nearly Indestructible

Alpha Spins His Head

Zack: Indestructible Man

Souffle: I Think We Better Contact Tommy

Jason: Tommy Come In

Alpha: He's Not Online But I Must Find His Signal

Meanwhile In Angel Grove's Youth Center

The Putty Patrollers Appears

Orbit: Man We Need These Party Crashers

Tommy: You Re Right Orbit Take Cover

They Begin To Fight The Patrollers

Meanwhile In The Command Center

Zordon: There's No Moment To Spare Rita & Nyanma's Monsters Are On The Loose

Aura: Now It's Up To You To Stop Him Good Luck Rangers And Let The Power Protect You

Bakumaru: Ready!


The MMPR Logo Appears

Zack: Mastodon

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Billy: Triceratops

Trini: Sabertooth Tiger

Jason: Tyrannosaurus


Bakumaru & Friends: The Twelve Warriors Bakuretsu ETO Rangers!

They Attack Frankenstein & Doron-Con

Rita: You Don't Stand A Chance

Nyanma: cause Now We're Make Grow!

Rita & Nyanma Uses The Wand To Make Them Grow



The ETO Rangers Uses His Beams To Call The Zords And Kirinda

The Zords & Kirinda Appears

Jason: Let's Do IT

Jason: LOG ON

Zack: In The Groove And On The Move

Billy: All Systems Go

Trini: We're Looking Good

Kimberly: Frankie, Doron You Are Finished

Jason: POWER UP!

Voice: Megazord Sequence Has Been Initiaded

They Begin To Form The Megazord

Voice: Megazord Activated

Bakumaru: Bakuretsu ETO Rangers. Forward!

They Begin To Attack

Rita: Go Our Monsters!

Jason: It's Time For Some Fire Power!

The Power Sword Appears

They Continue To Fight

Jason: Those Two Are More Tougher Than I Thought

Meanwhile In Angel Grove's Youth Center Tommy & Orbit Continues Fighting The Putties

Orbit: Game Over Claybrains!

The Comunicator Sounds

Aura: Tommy Come In

Tommy: I Read You Princess

Aura: Tommy The Rangers Are In Trouble Now You Should Join Them Immediatly

Tommy: Right Im On Outta Here Let's Go Orbit

Orbit: Right

The MMPR Logo Appears

Tommy: Dragonzord!

Zack: Those Guys Are Going To Tear Us Apart

Jason: First We Have Megazord On His Feet

Bakumaru: Activate The Emergency Power Before Hits Us!

Tommy & Orbit Appears

Tommy: Dragonzord Power!

Orbit: Don't Worry Guys The Help Is Coming

Orbit: Orbit Shapeshift To ORBIT MASTER! You're Finished Doron-Con

Dragonzord & Orbit Master Appears

Tart: Bakumaru It's Time For Bubblegum To Join The Fight

Bakumaru: You Got It

Bakumaru: Spirit Summon: Bubblegum

The Bubblegum Egg Appears And Becomes Bubblegum

Bubblegum: I'm Back!

Trini: It's Your Turn Bubblegum Go Get Them

Bubblegum Shoots His Bubbles To Trap Doron & Frankenstein

Doron & Frankenstein Bursts The Bubbles

Bubblegum: Oh Boy!

Rita: Too Bad Your Little Bubbles Was Bombed Out

Nyanma: That's All Of You Got You Are Completly Worthless

Bubblegum: Yeah Watch This Lady!

Bubblegum: Shapeshift To BUBBLEGUM-MASTER!

Tommy: Hey What Happend To Him

Bubblegum Master: Hello There!

Orbit M.: It Just Became Bubblegum Master

Jason: Time For Regroup

Jason: We Need Mega Dragonzord Power

They Begin To Form Dragonzord In Fighting Mode

Bubblegum Shoots On Doron Con

Jason: All Right Let's Finish Them Activate The Power Staff

The Dragonzord Begins To Drill Frankenstein's Belly

Orbit: Bakumaru, Quick

Bakumaru: Okay, Jyarei Reveal

The Revealing Mirror Shoot His Laser On Doron's Head And Nyanma's Head Stamp Is Gone And Doron's Back To Normal And Frankenstein Explodes

Dave Felis: WOW! Now Thats What I Called One Bad Case Of Indigestion

Rita & Nyanma: Oh We Have Such A Headaches We Just Can't Stand It

Meanwhile In The Youth Center

Jason: Well Rita & Nyanma Finally Got What's Coming To Her

Bakumaru: Yeah We Send That Frankenstein Monster Back To The Lab.

Cream: Well I Hope Someone Is Going To Win The Costume Contest

Monk: Hey Tommy Where's Your Costume

Tommy: Oh I Got It Right Here Listen Im Going To Change Orbit Stay With The Others I'l Be Back

Orbit: Okay

Drago: By The Way What Happen To Alpha & Bindi

Tart: See For Yourself

Kimberly: Oh Alpha You Are A Hitch

Alpha: They Like Me

Bulk: Well We Don't Like You And Your Crawling Friend Tincan Who Are You Anyway?

Tommy Disguised As Frankenstein Monster Appears

Tommy: The Frankenstein Monster Give Some Ideas For The Final Touches On My Costume

Tommy: Well Whadya Think

All: Great

Kimberly: Oh You Look Great In Gray

Ernie: Okay Everybody Here Comes The Winner Of The Best Costumes

Ernie: And The Blue Ribbon Goes To Whatever You Are

Bulk: You Are Kidding Right

Girl: Who's The Mysterious Winner

Bulk: Yeah We'Are Going To Find Out My Self

Bulk: Skull Give Me A Can Opener

Skull: Can Opener

Alpha: This A Mystery That's Remain Unsolved Sorry Ladies

Bindi: But First

Bindi Starts To Kiss Bakumaru's Lips

Bakumaru Begins To Boil Over

Bakumaru: YUCK! Bindi!

Bindi Runs

They Begin To Run

Everyone Laughs

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