Light Cody Fairbrother is the brother of Dark Ryan F-Freeman and a Daydream Shimmer version of Cody Fairbrother.


He was created when Cody uses Sci-Twi's amulet on himself and transform like Sunset did in the Friendship Games movie and fights Midnight Sparkle as she fires a beam at Light Cody but he fires his beam and they hit but Midnight has more strength compared to Light Cody and he thought that he's going to die until Spike the dog, Snoopy and Captain Hook all called out for Midnight and she looks at them and she stops as she gets distracted and Light Cody does what Daydream Shimmer does then Midnight and he gets turned back into Cody and Sci-Twi and she apologizes for what she has done and she cries. Cody tells Sci-Twi that he knows and going by his experiences he'll forgive her. Thomas and Sunset arrive to Ryan and Cody and they find out


Light Cody is like Daydream Shimmer and Cody with Daydream Shimmer's features. He has a red horn and a mask where his eyes are and wings with red feathers and yellow




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