Lightning's Bedtime is a short LKHFF story by KBAFourthtime. It is based off a childhood favorite of the writer's titled Tiger's Bedtime by Stephanie Calmenson. It on DeviantART on June 22, 2012, and it will never be on video. It was later deleted from DeviantART on June 4, 2016.


Lightning tells his parents about a big day he had (well, he explains the parts that they don't know, while they explain the parts they do know) to tire himself out during his bedtime.

All Characters


  • This stars Lightning, the son of Dagnino and Teresa, as the main character.
  • Although this is LKHFF fanfiction, Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae do not appear in this.
  • It was intended to be one of the BL&J Chronicles, but whether or not it will be made into a video or not is unknown.
  • Unlike the book, which this is based off, all of the dialogue rhymes.
  • In the original book, Tiger doesn't appear to have a father. This is different as both Dagnino and Teresa appear in the "present" scenes.
  • Because of what the original book was like, there are no villains.

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