This is how Lightning and Shu in the warehouse goes in Cars: Heroes in Shining Metal.

[Lightning and Shu sit together on the drive when Shu sees the tiny nanobot starting to move]

Shu Todoroki: Sore wa henda.

[He drives away, Lightning not noticing]

Lightning McQueen: These buildings sure are great. Am I right, Shu? [realizes he's not there] Shu?

[He sees Shu halfway across the street, cars honking at him as he passes]

Lightning McQueen: Shu!

[Lightning chases after him]

[Shu follows the tiny nanobot to a warehouse where Lightning finally catches up]

Lightning McQueen: Shu, what were you thinking? [sees he's looking at a warehouse] Whoa.

Shu Todoroki: Come with me. [goes inside]

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