The way Like Mother Like Daughter goes in Yuna and Dusty.

Princess Luna: Dusty Crophopper, You have our thanks for looking after our daughter and for being a good friend!

Dusty Crophopper: Anytime, Princess Luna.

Princess Yuna: (stroking her mother's mane) Oh, We almost forgot.

Hiro: We are so proud of you, Yuna.

Princess Celestia: You and Dusty had the courage to have what it takes to defeat the Jester.

Princess Luna: And I knew that you would be a fine Princess, Just like me, Your Aunt Celestia, Cousin Cadance, Skyla, Twila and Twilight Sparkle, Trixie and Sunset Shimmer.

Princess Yuna: I did it for Equestria.

Happy: This is so beautiful!

Dopey: (nods)

Princess Yuna: I love you, Mama!

Princess Luna: I love you too, Princess Yuna! (kissing Yuna on her forehead)

Pinkie Pie: Awwwww. A Mother and Daughter.

Brownie: Such a loving moment. Huh, Mom?

Pinkie Pie: And how, Brownie.

Applejack: Such a beauty sight!

Rarity: Isn't that adorable?

Sunset Shimmer: I'll say, You're a Heroine, Yuna.

Trixie: All in Equestria will remember what great adventures you and your friends had.

Princess Yuna: I've learned it all from Dusty Crophopper, My new friend.

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