Linx is a Sontaran commander who serves as the main antagonist of Pooh's adventures with Doctor Who: The Time Warrior. He is played by Kevin Lindsay.


Linx was battling a squad of Rutans, until he was forced to abandon his fleet and take his scout ship to Earth for repairs. He laned in the 13th century, where he allied himself with Irongron, who offered him shelter in exchange for better weapons.

To ensure that his ship was repaired, Linx abducted scientists from the 20th century. As this was going on, Linx decided to amuse himself by watching Irongron lead his army to attack Edward of Wessex.

One thing Linx didn't like was Irongron continuously pestering him for weapons. Eventually, Linx gave him guns.

After a fight with The Doctor and Winnie the Pooh, Linx tried to take off, but Hal the Archer shot him in his probic vent with an arrow, killing him. His ship exploded shortly afterwards.


"Peace. Fear not. I shall not harm you."

"By virtue of my authority as an officer of the Army Space Corps, I hereby claim this planet, its moons and satellites, for the greater glory of the Sontaran Empire."

"I can give you weapons. Weapons that can make you master, so that none dare stand against you. You shall take what castles you will."

"You might not find my true appearance pleasing."

"A war? That is excellent."

"My race has been at war for millennia. There is not a galaxy in the universe that our space fleets have not subjugated. But you do not understand me. I am stranded on this primitive planet when I should be leading my squadron to glory. I am an expert at war, Irongron."

"You have a primary and a secondary reproductive cycle. It is an inefficient system, you should change it."

"Your civilization know nothing about time dimensional technology."

"I have no interest in human evolution."


  • Linx's full name is Jingo Linx.