LionKingHeart Fantasy Films' Very Merry Christmas Sing Alongs Songs is an all new Holiday crossover special that will be made by FantasyFilms2011, LionheartCaptain, LionKingRulez and DisneyDaniel. It was originally scheduled to appear on YouTube in December 2012, but due to technical difficulties it will be rescheduled for November of 2013.


Get ready to celebate this warm and wonderful time of year, and sing along with the Christmas carols you love the best! Plus, join in the jolly chorus of holiday sing alongs with the Fantasy Adventure Team, the Madagascar Team, the Jungle Team and Pooh's Adventure team.

Songs featuring the Fantasy Team

Songs featuring the Madagascar Team

Songs featuring the Jungle Team

  • Up on the House Top
  • Here Comes Santa Claus

Songs featuring the Pooh' Adventure Team


  • All of the teams will join together for "The Best Christmas of All" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," which will play during the ending credits.

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