LionKingHeart Fantasy Films - Journey Through Music poster

Journey Through Music is an original LionKingHeart Fantasy Films Adventure combining clips from Disney's "Make Mine Music" and "Melody Time." It will be uploaded to YouTube sometime in the future.


Gantu, Genie and Benny have put together a gateway generator, but Heath comes along and kidnaps some of their friends into the portal. Working together, the LKHFF team follows them into the portal and split up to find them in four different music segments :

Johnny leads Timon, Pumbaa, Marty, Rafiki, Roger Rabbit, Maurice and Mort into "The Whale That Wanted to Sing at the Met," to look for King Julien and Sebastian.

Rae leads Nala, Palladon, Tye, Talon, Claw, Maggie and Fang in "Pecos Bill" to rescue Melman and Leonette.

Leo leads Alex, Xiro, Dagnino, Zuba and Florrie into "Johnny Appleseed" to rescue Kairel and Teresa.

Benny leads Louis, Genie, Gantu, R2-D2 and Simba into "Peter and the Wolf" to rescue Bruma and Lion.

The rest of the team stays behind to watch a portal. Little do their realise that Heath has recruited four dangerous villains to aid him in his plot to divde and conquer LKHFF. Will their plot work, or will the LKHFF have a different tune to sing about it?

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