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Little Beeper

Little Beeper is a cartoon character from Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears often on the show. Little Beeper is voiced by Frank Welker. Beeper is a young, red and orange male roadrunner with blue high tops. He shares all the traits of his mentor and predecessor, The Road Runner. Unlike the Road Runner's typical bemusement at Wile E. Coyote's misfortunes, Little Beeper is often shown taking great joy at the sight of Calamity Coyote and his failures; never passing up a chance to point and laugh at him. (It must, however, be noted, that the Road Runner can be actually quite sadistic, e.g. knocking Coyote off cliffs he spent ages climbing up). Little Beeper is one of the few characters that does not talk much. He usually says brief words such as "beep" (hence his name).