Little Otis
Season 2, Episode 8a
Little Otis
Written by LegoKyle14 & Magmon47
Directed by LegoKyle14
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Here's the 14th episode for season 2 from Winnie the Pooh goes Back at the Barnyard. Here's the Transcript.

The Beginning

(A beautiful day at the Barnyard and inside, the animals are cleaning almost everyone)

  • Freddy: Why do we bother cleaning? We're just gonna be collecting more junk. (shredding the Mona Lisa)
  • Abby: Now, Freddy. It's Spring Cleaning and everyone has to his part.
  • Timmy: Yeah, and I'm not messy.
  • Luna: What about all the garbage that came from your house that one time?
  • Timmy: What garbage?

(Wanda shows the flashback to the pile of garbage that's all over Dimmsdale)

  • Timmy's Dad: Bye honey! I'm going to use Timmy's trash slide to get to work. (slides the garbage to the park) This would be great if I worked at the park. (suddenly thrown in the garbage truck) This would be great if I work at the dump.

(Flashback ends)

  • Timmy: Oh yeah.
  • Human Rarity: Like Abby says, we have to each do our part.
  • Pooh: Did you notices sometime odd about Otis today?
  • Goofy: What you talking about, Pooh?
  • Pooh: He been saying the same thing for an hour.
  • Robot Otis: Cleaning is awesome. Chores are great. Oops I missed a spot.
  • Bessie: Oh, you got to be kidding me. Hey, bucket head, what's 2 plus 2?

(Pip inside the robot started pressing buttons and the the tape recorded exploded and so did the robot)

  • Freddy: Otis! He was so young!
  • Cosmo: I knew he blew he top one day
  • Tigger: Guys, that one's not the real Otis.
  • Sunset Shimmer: All right, Pip, where is Otis?
  • Pip: I don't know.
  • Otis: (on record) That all trick 'em. I'll be up at the Farmer's watching TV.
  • Pip: (on record) I think you recorded that.
  • Otis: (on record) Nah, I'm sure it's fi--(record stops)
  • Mickey: Let's get him!

(Everyone went after Otis)

(At the Farmer's house, on the television)

  • Hilly Burford: Hey, later on in the show, my mom's gonna show us how to make us her delicious blueberry chili. Isn't that a punch in the taste buds!
  • Jessica Alspice: You're a blueberry chili, Hilly. Isn't he a blueberry chili,everyone?
  • Hilly Burford: Hey, I'm a blueberry chi--What's that suppose to mean?
  • Otis: Ha, I love cleaning Otis.
  • Sci-Twi: OTIS!!!!!

(Everyone comes in angry)

  • Spike the dog: Nice trying sneaking out of us Otis!
  • Otis: Oh, hey guys, how's the cleaning going? (Abby slams a bucket on his head)
  • Luan: Now you're a real bucket head, Otis. (laughs)
  • Abby: Let's go!

(Everyone leaves)

  • Peck: Sir, I am dissapointed.
  • Wanda: You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • Donald Duck: Jerk!
  • Freddy: ME-YELL!!
  • Pip: Sorry, Oits. I try to stop them.
  • Otis: Nah, it's not your fault, Pip. It was wrong of me to force my abilities on my friends.
  • Pip: So, who are you going to force on them now?
  • Otis: Not sure yet.
  • Clem: (on TV) Hey, everybody. Ever wanted to clone a farm animal and force your work on all of them?
  • Otis: Keep talking.
  • Clem: Hi, I'm Farmer Clem of Farmer Clem's Cloneatorium. And I'll clone your animals using fancy man science type stuff. Sheep, chickens, ducks, cows even platypi. Just send me a fur clipping for your animal and I'll do the rest. (clones sheep) Do it now!
  • Otis: Sweet! I can clone myself and make clone Otis do all my chores.
  • Pip: Aren't you worried about toying with the delicate fabric of nature
  • Otis: Nope. Now, how to remove a tuff of my fur without causing myself to much--(Pip tears one off) PAIN!!!! Thanks.
  • Pip: No problem.
  • Otis: (put his fur in the envelope) And away we clone!
  • Narrator: The same day later...

(A big crates comes in)

  • Otis: My new clone is here! My new clone is here!
  • Abby: Otis, what are you talking about?
  • Human Fluttershy: And did you say new clone?
  • Otis: I show you what I'm talking about. Gentle citizens of the barnyard, and Bessy, I present to you. (opens the crate but nothing comes out)
  • Eeyore: I don't see anything.
  • Otis: Huh? It's gotta be in here somewhere. This chews. Where's my astonishingly lifelike clone?

(A tiny Otis pops out)

  • Little Otis: Hey, people. What's happening? Where's the party? Check it out. the party's right here. Whoo-hoo! (dancing as everyone laughed)
  • Timmy: Found him.
  • Lola: And he's so cute.
  • Cosmo: Wait, now there's 2 Otis'. Mind Blown. (head explodes)
  • Otis: Hey, that isn't me. Wha-- he's, like, a foot tall.
  • Luan: Well isn't that a twist to big things coming in small packages. (laughs)
  • Abby: Wait. What's this? (reads warning) Clones not actual size.
  • Otis: Milk me.
  • Little Otis: Hey, mouse. Up high. Down low. too slow. Whoo-hoo! Let's watch some sports bloopers. Better yet, let's party in the middle of the day for no apparent reason.
  • Pig: Hey, he's just like Otis.
  • Otis: He's nothing like me. I completely and utterly reject him.
  • Tigger: Come on Otis. There's got to be something you guys have in common.
  • Bessie: Look, everyone. it's Mini Moo.
  • Little Otis: Hey, she's mean and loud. This'll shut her talkhole. (using a skateboard to make Bessie crash)
  • Human Rainbow Dash: There's one. Both Otis' hate Bessie.
  • Lincoln: What do you think of Little Otis, now?
  • Otis: Son!

(Otis and Little Otis spend the rest of the day pranking everyone)

The Middle

(Later that day)

Otis: So I said, What's your favorite root? and we both said, Rutabaga.

Otis and Little Otis: AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.

Pip: Uh-huh.

-I dont get it.

Little Otis: (Sees Abby walks by) Hey, sweet, mama. How about a little lip wrestling?

Pip: Hey, there's another you and your clone have in common: He likes Abby just like you do.



Otis: What? I do not like Abby?

Abby: Really? Well, your little clone seems to.

Otis: So?

Abby: You have the same brain as him.

Otis: Yeah, but I mean

Abby: Yeah, huh? Can't answer that, can you?

Otis: I can. I just choose not to.

(The two of the kept arguing)

Otis: Oh, that's real mature, abby.

Pip: Hey, tiny Otis. you better back off. Abby and big Otis kind of have a history.

-Probably wait around a couple of minutes.

Little Otis: Really? bummer. She's all that and a sack of acorns. You know what I'm saying? huh? Huh? huh? huh?

Pip: yeah, I get it.

Little Otis: Huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh?

Pip: Gee, that won't ever get annoying.

-I know.

Well, I'm out of here, shorty. Keep it real. later. hasta la bye-bye.

-See-ya, Little Otis.

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