Littlefoot's Adventures of Osmosis Jones is another Land Before Time crossover film planned to be re-edited by Yru17. It will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Guido, Grandpa Longneck, Grandma Longneck, Skip, and Mr. Thicknose (along with Stan, Bugs, Taran, Aladdin, and their friends) have entered the City of Frank and met a white blood cell cop named Osmosis Jones and a cold pill named Drix and face an evil virus named Thrax, whom Oogie Boogie, Carface, Killer, Pete, Jafar, Maleficent, Myotismon, Ursula, Hades, Rothbart, Ichy and Dil, and Team Rocket (Jessie, James, and Meowth) work for.


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