Here's the transcript for Littlefoot's Adventures of The Brave Little Toaster.


Patchy's surprise

[We a view of a house and Patchy comes out]

Patchy: Ahoy, fellow fanatics! Why don't come on back on the galley, I got a little treat for you today. We're gonna see me favorite movie, "Littlefoot's Adventures of The Brave Little Toaster"! Ta-da!

Potty: Boring!

Patchy: Well, If it isn't my less-than-amusing sidekick, Potty the Parrot. Potty, say hello to the nice people.

Potty: Bawk! I'm being held here against my will-- Help!

Patchy: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh... Oh, Potty come back! Potty? Potty? Were'd you go? Potty, you in here, buddy?

[Then the screen reveals that Patchy is in a cannon that is pointing outside the window]

Potty: [laughs and squawking] Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.

Patchy: Get me out of here, you scurvy bird! [The cannon blasts Patchy out and Patchy screams; he lands in a neighboring house which sinks like a boat. Patchy returns, still smoking from the cannon blast] Well, roll the film.

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