Littlefoot in the Festival of the Lion King is another upcoming Land Before Time crossover planned to be re-edited by Yru17. It will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


Littlefoot and his friends time travel to Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida to Simba and Nala's reign and to celebrate the triumphs of The Lion King, Littlefoot and his friends from The Great Valley, SpongeBob and his friends from Bikini Bottom, Stan and his friends from South Park, Taran and his friends from Prydain, The Goonies and the Free Willy heroes from the US, Aladdin, Abu, and Iago from Agrabah, and more. But the villains are planning to steal the show and crash the party. To stop them. they must help Simba and his friends to save the celebration and to save Disney's Animal Kingdom before the whole land is under the villains' iron grip.


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