Here's how Lockdown captures Optimus, Tessa, Chris, and Yuri in Weekenders Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

[At KSI]

Darcy: What is that?

Attinger: That's my asset. Pull Galvatron back.

Joyce: Do it.

[Back at the chaos, Lockdown's face turns into a highpowered sniper rifle and fires at Optimus which wounds him as Galvatron leaves, Lockdown comes closer]

Cade: I got to go get her.

[Tessa and Elsa hide in the car]

Cade: Tessa!

Shane: [tackles him] Don't go out there, he'll kill you!

Cade Yeager: She needs my help!

Shane: She's hidden!

Tessa Yeager: Optimus, Optimus, get up, get up!

Optimus Prime: I can't. Get out of here.

Yuri: I'm not leaving you here!

Chris Thorndyke: ([in his mind] Tino can't be dead! This has to be a lie!)

(Suddenly his legs gets tied up by a string shot attack reveals to be Hunter J's Ariados)

Chris Thorndyke: J!

Hunter J: You're not going anywhere because Tino is dead. He's not here to save you now.

Chris Thorndyke: Your lying!

Hunter J: No. You're the one who's lying. (Brings out her Pokéball) Drapion, grab the boy now. (She threw her Pokéball letting out her Drapion as it grabs Chris Thorndyke) Now where were we. (Turns to Takato, Guilmon and Calumon)

Lockdown: I feel sorry for you, Prime. Your allegiance these humans. The trouble with loyalty to a cause is; that cause, will always betray you.

Hunter J: We also wanted you, Takato Matsuki along with your friends Guilmon and Calumon.

Optimus Prime: Who send you here?

Takato Matsuki: What are you talking about? Why do you us for?

Hunter J: Easy, my clients ordered me to capture you. So they can do experimented on both of you.

Takato Matsuki: What?!

Lockdown: Where did you think you came from? [scoffs] You think you were born? No. You were built. And your creators want you back. We all work for someone.

Gremlin: Now, it's time to return you from where you came!

Jeri Katou: Calumon, run!

Hunter J: I'm afraid, Calumon is going to be tied up. (She shoots out her laser gun freezing Calumon)

Rika Nonaka: Calumon, no!

Hunter J: Calumon, yes!

[A ship comes out and drops a net and captures Optimus, Chris, and Yuri]

Hunter J: Ariados use String Shot on their leader and his red Digimon!

(Ariados fires String Shot trapping Takato and Guilmon)

Jeri Katou: TAKATO!!!

Sonic: CHRIS!!!

Godou: MARIYA!!!

Cade: No.

Shane: It's got her!

Fred Jones: Come on let's rescue them!

Shane: She's in the car!

Cade Yeager: Tessa!

Shane: No!

Cade Yeager: Tessa!

Henry Wong: Takato! Guilmon! Calumon!

Rika Nonaka: Let go of them now!

Hunter J: Sorry, no can do. Salamence, use Hyper Beam!

(Salamence fires Hyper Beam knocking away The DigiDestined and their Digimon (Tamers & Frontier)

Takato Matsuki: No!

Hunter J: Well done. Let's go.

J's Henchmen #1: Right.

[The ship gets ready to fly]

Chris: Help me!

Yuri: GODOU!!! SAVE ME!!!!

Godou: I'm coming!!

[Cade grabs the net and tries to get to Tessa as Godou tries to get to Yuri]

Tessa: Dad!

Yuri: GODOU!!!!


Cade Yeager: Tessa, get out! Get out! Tessa! [bangs the glass] Get out Tessa!

Tessa Yeager: Dad, help me! Help me, help me, dad, dad!

Cade Yeager: [jumps and grabs on the net]

Tessa Yeager: Dad! Dad!

Cade Yeager: Tessa! Break the glass! Break the glass to get out!

Tessa Yeager: I'm trying! Dad!

Cade Yeager: Tessa, I can't hold on! Tessa! Just break the glass!

Tessa: Help me!

Cade Yeager: Tess... [lets go]

Godou: Mariya, hang on!

Yuri: Godou! Help me please!

[but then Godou's grip off]

Optimus: Cade, warn the Autobots!

Takato Matsuki: Guys save us please!

Tessa Yeager: Dad, help me! Don't leave me!

Takuya Kanbara: TAKATO!!!!!

Rika Nonaka: CALUMON!!!!

Sonic: CHRIIIIIIIIIS!!!!!!!!!

Lor: No, NOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Cade Yeager: No! [punches the ground]

[Shane arrives while they both grieve]