Here's how the highway chase and Lockdown captures Thomas and Anna goes in Wrath of the Century.

Attinger: This is our chance! We have to stop him, you have to stop him!

Professor Calamitous: He's not ready!

Sideshow Bob: He is ready! It was a terorist attack back there, respond!

Professor Calamitous: Send him out.

Sideshow Bob: Let's also send out the I-Rex and Spinosaurus!

Mars: Let's do the Indominus. Spino is not ready for these types of things.

Sideshow Bob: Fine. Just have her ready stat!

[The cage opens and the Indominus Rex charges out]

Saturn: This is the first time our clone has done this. Make sure it doesn't go crazy.

Professor Calamitous: Release Galvatrain.

[then we see Galvatrain set out]

[they also send out Percier and a clone of Duck]

[Back with our heroes]

[we see them racing down the highway as TATMR The Chase starts playing]

Sunil Nevla: [looks back] Uh, guys? We've got company! And not just the phototypes!

Idominous Rex: ROAR!!!!

Pepper Clark: THE INDOMINUS REX!!!!!!!

Edd: Oh my, hightail everyone! At this rate, they'll catch us with ease!

Ernie: Transform Galvatrain.

[Galvatrain transofrms into Robot mode and then he crushes a passing truck]

[And then he splits another cars, then destroys another]

Professor Calamitous: What's this?!

Mars: You guys are controlling this, right?

Team Galactic grunt: Mostly.

[then the Indominous Rex hits a side of a bus]

Jupiter: What?!

[then it breaks open a window and eats some of the passengers]

Indominous Rex: ROAR!!!!

[Then Percier and clone Duck fire rockets]

Team Galactic grunt: Miss fired, miss fired!

[the missiles fly for the team but most of them shoot them and then turn around and it hits a truck causing it to jack-knife]

Sunil Nevla: OH NO!!!

[the Thomas, Percy, James, Edward, Henry, Gordon, Hiro, and Stephen transfrom. Percy catches Brian, Twilight, Shining Armor, Sylveon, Elsa, the other godmothers, Nyx, and Yuna and Thomas catches them As Edward catches the Human Mane 5, Fluttershy, Penny Ling, Sunil Nevla, Gordon catches Rainbow, and James ctaches Rarity, Zoe Trent, Gail Trent, Mitzi, and the Wonder Pets]

[then they bust thought a passing truck on the bridge and then land back down as Stephen and Henry hang form the bridge and fire at Galvatrain but metaprohs and goes right through them]

Stephen: What was that?

Henry: I don't know.

[back at the control room]

Saturn: Lure the Indominus Rex back here!

Ernie: And keep that animal stable!

Professor Calamitous: This is all on you!

Nightmare Moon: You're making moeny for all of us.

Ernie: She's right, people die all the time get use to it!

[Galvatrain continues to pursuie the others and then he fires some more missiles at them. Causing them to crash and Anna rolls over and Thomas stops a car]

[Thomas and Galvatrain then battle each other]

Elsa: ANNA!!

[Anna is freaking out as the 2 robots battle]

Brian: Anna! Anna run to the fields!

Anna: [tries to but the battle falls into the feilds]

Thomas: You! You died along with Unicrane!

Galvatrain: That's because thanks to the villains league, I'm faster, stronger, and smarter than you! Now die! [grunting]

Anna: HELP ME!!

[Then gun shots and it showed New Brian]

New Brian: Congratulations, Brian. You led us right to him.

Twilight: New Brian, how could you do this? You were suppose to be Vinny's replacement.

New Brian: It was all part of my mission. And it's now completed thanks to you.

Brian: What mission?

New Brian: [chuckles] Oh shoot, you caught me. Ernie is my Master. He sented me to spy on you, and to help him, and Tirek, to track down OpThomas Prime. Now put your freaking hands in the air!

[Our heroes do so]

New Brian: [gets out a comlink] The Prime's yours, Bounty Hunter.

Lockdown: [on comlink] I'm already here, Sith.

[a rocket flies out of nowhere and strikes Thomas!]

Thomas: AAH!!

Twilight: Thomas!

Sylveon: [looks back and gasps in horror] Guys! [she then taps the other's shoulders and points to something] Look!

[they look back]

Twilight: No! It can't be!

Brian: Lockdown!

Lockdown: [ermergres from the fog behind and then face turns into a highpowered sniper rifle and fires at Thomas]

Thomas: AAAH!!! [falls to the ground]

[Galvatrain leaves]

Brian: We gotta go get her!

[Anna then hides inside the car]

Elsa: Anna!

[they try to run to her but New Brian blocks him with his saber]

New Brian: Your not going anywhere!

Anna: Thomas, you got to get up!

Thomas; I can't, you must get out of here.

Lockdown: I feel sorry for you, OpThomas Prime. Your allegiance these humans, ponies, and that dog. The trouble with loyalty to a cause is; that cause, will always betray you.

Thomas: You're dead!

Lockdown: [chuckles] I dont think so. And besides, the true Train-Prime want's to see you.

[a small ship flies out and then drops a net on Thomas and the car with Anna]

Twilight: NO!!

Brian: He's got them! [Force slides New Brian out of the way]

Anna: Elsa!

Elsa: ANNA!!

[the ship then starts to take off]

Anna: Elsa!

[then Brian grabs the net]

Brian: Anna! Get out! Anna!!!

Ana: I can't! I can't!

Brian: Break the glass! Break the glass! [hits the glass] Ann.... [slips and falls]

[he then lands onto the ground]

Thomas: Brian! Twilight! Aleart the others!

[LOTR Gandalf falls begins plying]

Twilight: NO!!!

Brian: [as Ash (in his way)] There gone! I couldn't save them! [slams his fist in the ground]

Sebeena: No, that can't be right. He really got Thomas and Anna?

Dusty; Yes. He did.

Sebeena: Oh no, things really take a path downhill from there.

Ishani: It certainly seemed that way, but we don't give up as easy.

Sebeena: So, what'd you do?

Dusty: Well, after that, they....

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