Here's how Lockdown returns and dies in Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction and how Attinger dies as well.

Joshua: Awesome job!

Optimus: You?

Joshua: Who?

Cade: You.

Optimus: Step forward.

Joshua: Wait. Why?

Optimus: Your science will be responsible for humanity's extinction.

Joshua: All right. I know that you're sensitive to this whole bio ethical dilemma.

Cade: Maybe all he wants to hear you say is that some things shouldn't be Invented.


Joshua: [screaming] Okay.

Optimus: We'll lead you out of the city. Get that Seed safely to the hills.

Drift: Use this car.

Joshua: He almost ate me!

Cade: [starts the engine] All right, we're good!

[They get in the car]

Shane: Get out of that seat. And you're one lucky dad to have me.

Cade: Okay, Lucky Charms. You got that. You drive. Lets go.

[They took off, but as they leave the Seed activates and starts beeping]

Cade: What did you do?

Joshua: I don't know, I don't know, but it's an issue.

Cade: You press a button?

Darcy: Is it gonna blow up?

Joshua: I don't know.

Cade: Your thing is beeping now, so you must have hit something.

Darcy: Is it gonna blow up?

Joshua: I DON'T KNOW!

Cade: A bomb starts beeping, that might signal a problem, you think?

Joshua: I'm just saying that it's a steady blinking light, which could be a timer of some kind. Unless it's signaling location.

Cade: To who?

[We see Lockdown's ship as his theme plays]

Hong Kong police: [speaking Japanese]

Hong Kong police #2: We've got to call the central government for help!

[All speaking Japanese]

Lockdown: Optimus Prime. Come to me.

[The bottom of his ship reveals a large blue magnet]

[We see a boy with shades then sees Lockdown's ship]

Boy: Oh, God!

[We see Lockdown sucking up metal]

[At Beijing, China]

[People are looking at Lockdown's ship on TV]

Woman: Defense Minster... there's a crisis in Hong Kong!

[We see TV announcers]

Defense Minister: the Central Government will protect Hong Kong at all costs. We have fighter jets on the way.

[We see more stuff being absorbed in Lockdown's ship]

[Back with our heroes]

Tessa: There's the bridge.

Douglas: We're almost there!

Smudger: Hurry!

Cade: [notices the ship dropping metal]

Donald: Stop!

[they all stop and look up]

[Everyone is shouting, then we see slow motion]

Cade and Joshua: Back it up! Back it up! 

Shane: Move! Get out of the way! I can't see, I can't see!

Tessa: Shane, drive!

Shane: Okay, just calm down!

[More metal drops, and this time on Optimus and Bumblebee]

Tessa: Shane, watch out!

Optimus: Get cover!

Cade: Back it up! Back, back, go!

Optimus: [gets caught by the water] Dah! Autobots! Fall back!

[More metal drops and Shane drives backwards]

Shane: Come on, move! Out of my way!

Joshua: Get out of the way! 

Shane: Look out!

Joshua: Just hit them, just hit them!

[The magnet grabs Slug but Strafe catches him]

[Shane is continuing backing up]

Joshua: It's a big magnet!

Cade: It's sucking up metal and dropping it!

[More metal drops]

Tessa: Go faster! Go faster!

Shane: Get out of the way!

Joshua: It's coming! It's coming! It's coming closer!

Tessa: Go faster, Shane!

[more metal drops]

Cade: Watch out, watch out! Watch out!

Joshua: Look out!

Cade: [notices a propeller] Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, no! Now it's circiling back towards! Hard right! Take a hard right!

Shance: [does so]

Tessa: Come on, Shane!


[A large ship crates into a building, and Cade's group crash into a restaurant. Then objects start to lift up]

Cade: Oh, no. No, the magnet. Get out, get out! Come on! Come here! Get out!

[Darcy, Tessa and Cade come out]

Joshua: No, no, no! No, we're going up! Grab the bomb! Help me grab the bomb!

Shane: I can't get the seatbelt of!

Joshua: Pull me down! Catch me! I'm going up! I'm going up! Get me! Grab me!

Darcy: [grabs Cade's legs]

Joshua: Pull me down! Pull me!

Shane: I can't get the seat belt off! I can't get the belt off! I'm stuck! I'm stuck!

[The car goes up]

Cade: Hold the bomb! I can't hold on! Pull!

Joshua: Guys, it'c crushing me!

Shane: [unfastens his seatbelt and falls on the roof]

[Joshua, Cade and Darcy fall. As the car drops]

Cade: CAR!

[They avoid it]

Tessa: Shane! Shane!

Shane: I'm good! I'm good! I'm good.

[We see lockdown's ship above the ocean]

Tessa: Bumblebee!

[Strafe roaring]

Bumblebee: Hey, you guys! Yee-hah!

Cade: Come on.

Joshua: Go find someplace safe.

Darcy: I'm proud of you.

[A Decepticon ship shoots down Starfe]

Optimus: Get cover!

[Slug destroys the ship]

Optimus: Guys. Autobots, get this bomb over the bridge and over the city!

Tessa: Dad!

[We see the ship]

Cade: Come on.

[Soon enough, the magnet caughts Optimus and the Dinobots!]

As they we're almost getting into the ship]

Optimus: HAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! [fires rockets and destroys the magnet]

[Optimus and the Dinobots fall to the ground]

Joshua:: I got it! I'm getting this bomb out of here!

Cade: Give me the gun.

Shane: [does so]

Optimus: It's you and me now! [runs to Lockdown's ship]

Cade: Look, Optimus is out there all alone.

Tesaa: What? You can't help him.

Cade: I have to, Tess. He came back for us.

Tessa: Dad, don't leave, please.

Cade: Look, I'll find you, I'll get there, okay?

Tessa: Dad, now you'll die!

Cade: You gotta stay with Shane. You're gonna be okay. [to Shane] You promise me you're gonna keep her safe, rest of her life until the end of time! Promise me!

Shane: I promise you.

Cade: You're the best thing I ever made, Tess. All right, don't ever forget it, it was always you. [kiss her] I love you.

Tessa: Please.

Cade: Get in the car now.

Tessa: Dad!

[Bumblebee takes off]

[Optimus goes after Lockdown, while Attinger is coming. Then Lockdown jumps out]

Lockdown: PRIIIIME!!! [he fires his rockets and he and Optimus battle]

[With the others]

Tessa: Stop the car!

Bumblebee: You better listen.

Tessa: No, you listen. I'm not leaving my dad.

[The Dinobots and the Autobots make there way across the bridge]

Cross-Hairs: All right, we're gonna hold the line, then block the bridge!

[Back with Optimus and Lockdown]

[Cade gets in position, while Optimus and Lockdown fight. Then there's gunfire]

Attinger: [walks up to the 2] You see, it takes patience to make a man. The patience to watch and wait, to protect all of us quietly, for God and country, without any recondition at all!

[Optimus and Lockdown fight, then sees the group]

Optimus: CADE!

Attinger: There are no good aliens! Or BAD aliens, Yeager and Mr. Griffin. It's just us and them. And you choose them.

[Optimus slides in, then shoots, and kills Attinger]

Cade: Anytime.

[Lockdown takes Optimus by surprise and traps him in a pillar with his sword]

Lockdown: You saved the human and that dog instead of saving yourself. You bring shame upon us all.

[Cade fires at Lockdown, then Bumblebee pulls up]

Cade: She never listens. Never.

[Bumblebee transforms]

Optimus: I gave you an order!

[Bumblebee and Lockdown fight]

Cade: [fires his alien gun]

Cade: Get out of here, now!

Shane: Get in, get in.

Cade: Hey, you! Hey!

Optimus: Cade! Get out of here! This is my fight!

Lockdown: [grabs Bumblebee's foot] It's my fight! [slams Bumblebee] And you're all gonna die!

[Cade and Lockdown fight, while Tessa hooks up]

Tessa: Go, go!

Shane: Come on, come on!

[Cade and Lockdown continue their fight]

Shane: Yeah, killer robot, my butt!

[Lockdown falls]

Shane: Woo!

[Cade fights Lockdown]

Shane: Come on!

Tessa: [picks up the hook, while Lockdown and Cade fight]

Optimus: Get away, all of you!

Shane: Come on, Tess, come on, Tess, come on, Tess.

[Lockdown grabs Cade's gun]

Tessa: [hooks up the sword] Drive!

Lockdown: You see my face, your lifes are done!

Shane: Come on, come on, come on!

[The sword pulls out of Optimus, Optimus grabs it and stabs Lockdown and drives the sword up, slicing him in half]

Shane: Yeah!

Optimus: Honor to the end.

Tessa: You still happy that we met? [they kiss]

Shane: Always.

[The KSI robots find them]

Optimus: Hurry! [grabs them] Quickly! I'm setting off Lockdown's grenade! Hold tight! [he takes off while the grenade explodes killing the robots]

Galvatron: We shall meet again, Prime. For I am reborn.

[He then leaves as jets fly by]

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