Locomotive 131 is a Central Pacific Railroad passenger and freight train that ran a one-way circuit on a single track,
Locomotive 131
stopping along its westbound route at the Hill Valley Railroad Station, with San Francisco, California at the end of the line. It was able to complete the circuit in three days, and normally cruised at 25 miles per hour with a top speed of 55, although "fearless" Frank Fargo allegedly pushed the speed to nearly 70 past Verde Junction. The engine was a wood-fired 4-6-0 (two axle leading truck followed by three driving axles) steam locomotive.[1]

The chalkboard next to the ticket window at the station displayed the train schedule as of Thursday, September 3: Sacramento on Monday at 8:00, Haysville on Tuesday, San Francisco on Wednesday, and Carson City on Thursday at 3:30.

Mystery of ressurection

It is unknown how Loco 131 was resurrected. But after being ressurected, he got the ablility to talk and live.



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