Logan is the name of an original character by Logan "Hewylewis" Ridenbaugh, the star of a "Kingdom Hearts" FanFic story and the star of his spin-off series, "Logan's Adventures".


Originally from Cape Ordinance, a militaristic town by the sea, Logan became a Junior member of the Cape Ordinance Town Guard after many days of training. One fateful day, Logan's hometown is attacked by Heartless and during the struggle Logan is granted a mystical weapon called "The Keyblade". Soon he meets Riku, who reveals that Logan was chosen to be the replacement Keyblade wielder because Sora, a fellow Keyblade wielder, was kidnapped by a mysterious new organization. Teaming with Donald Duck and Goofy, Logan travels in the Trimaxion, a.k.a. Max, which is summoned by the old wizard Yen Sid. After Sora is found, Logan and his friends went their separate ways and Logan decides to go off on his own to have more adventures.


  • Logan is close friends with Lou Lupus, Zell Dincht and (occasionally) Vince Valentine, stars of the "Final Fantasy" series.
  • Logan received Max when Pete blew up the Gummi Ship during his visit with Yen Sid.