Logan's Adventures is a series co-developed by Hewylewis and Wrestlemaniac829 featuring the title character, Logan, along with his friend and mode of Transport: the Trimaxian aka "Max". After the events of KHIII (The FanFic version), Logan and Max travel the galaxy to explore new worlds, meet new friends, and defend against deadly foes.

  • Logan
  • The Trimaxion aka "Max"
  • Popeye
  • Justin
  • Isaac the Media Hunter
  • Loki the Snow Leopard
  • Bonanza aka "Bonnie"
  • Troy Troodon
  • John Silver
  • Stith

Trimaxian Crew Members


Recurring Characters



"Oh Crud" - Almost every story


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Holiday Specials

Logan's Adventures of Superted

  • Logan's Adventures of Superted and the Inca Treasure (coming soon)

Other Stories

Appearances in Other Stories

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