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Lolo Calorie, better known as Lolo, is the rich, spoiled daddy's girl of Beverly Beverly High School. She gets nearly everything she wants (thanks to her rich father and Adrian) and is incredibly rude to the people around her, even her friends (to an extent). She is insanely popular at school and constantly surrounded with friends.


Lolo is actually considered to be fairly cute, but as soon as she opens her mouth, anyone can tell that she's an uptight snob. She does everything in her power to make sure that the "losers" or "v" of Beverly Beverly High don't win anything ever (e.g., manipulating fellow students so she can win a school presidential election). Spencer Wright can't stand her on account of how cruel she can be to anyone she doesn't like.

Interestingly, she's almost as narcissistic as Billy Joe Cobra is, but she doesn't make up for it the way Billy does: instead, she's even more self-absorbed than the pampered rock star. Her narcissism is, more likely than not, a side effect of being spoiled by her incredibly rich father.

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