(Rachel's car drives and arrive almost at the mine)

Rachel: Just have to make a quick stop.

Harry: Sure, that's okay.

(The car stops)

Harry: Uh, what are we doing here?

Rachel: This'll only take a second.

(The horn beeps)

Lauren: So, you have any kids?

Harry: Um. No, I don't.

Lauren: You're lucky. Right, Mom?

Rachel: No, honey. Sometimes having kids is just wonderful. And sometimes...(unbuckles the seatbelt and beeps the horn again) Graham!

(Rachel gets out of the car)

Lauren: My brother Graham, he's in a lot of trouble.

Harry: Uh-huh. Yes, I think he is.

Rachel: Graham! Graham!

Harry: You get in trouble?

All: No.

Harry: Of course not.

Rachel: Graham!

Graham: (from inside) I'm coming.

(Graham and his friends appear out of the mine)

Rachel: Get in the car. You boys, go home. You should know better.

Graham: See you, guys.

(Graham and Rachel get in the car)

Rachel: I don't know what's wrong with you.

Graham: Can we do this another time?

Ash: No, Graham. You know you can't go inside the mine.

Rachel: Your cousin is right. The mine is dangerous. It's off-limits.

Graham: Whatever.

(The car start and drives backward and then forward on the road)

Jane: Hey, Rachel! Hey!

Rachel: Hey, Jane. I heard Mrs, Mackey was sick.

Jane: Oh, you know, just a touch of the flu. And how are you?

Rachel: Dr. Fox, this is Harry Dalton of the United States Geological Survey.

Jane: (shaking hands with Harry) Oh, hey.

Harry: How do you do?

Jane: Well, nice meeting you.

Rachel: 'Bye, Jane.

Jane: 'Bye.

(The car continues driving)

(In the forest)

(Rachel's car drives)

(Inside it)

Graham: Do you want to see it?

Lauren: It looks like black liquorice.

Harry: Can I see it? (Graham offers him the crystal) You know what this is?

(Graham nods no)

Harry: This is a smoky quartz crystal. I had one just like it when I was your age. Very lucky.

Ash: Do you know about this stuff, Harry?

Harry: Hmmm. Yeah, just a little bit.

Rachel: Dr. Dalton's a geologist.

Harry: Volcanologist, actually.

Lauren: You mean like Dr. Spock?

Graham: Mr. Spock.

Harry: Well, kind of, but without the ears, you know? (humming)

Graham: Hey, Mom, drop me off at Grandma's.

Lauren: Yeah, me too.

Graham: You're not tagging along.

Rachel: Stop fighting. No! No one's going. Dr. Dalton has been patient enough.

Harry: It's okay to drop the kids off at your mother's. I don't mind.

Rachel: She's not my mother. She's my mother-in-law. Or my ex-mother-in-law.

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