This is how Princess Yuna loses Snowdrop's ticket goes in The Christmas Express.

Snowdrop: Do you think we'll see Santa?

Princess Yuna: I hope so, Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: (goes in another coach with Jack Skellington)

Princess Yuna: (notices Snowdrop's ticket) Uh-oh. She forget her ticket. It hasn't been punched.

Bart Simpson: Uh Oh, Not Cool!

Princess Yuna: I'll get it.

Outside the Christmas Express.

Princess Yuna: Oh, No!

Then, the wind blew Snowdrop's ticket out of Yuna's hoof.

Princess Yuna: Jack is not going to like this.

The ticket travels Near, Far, Through the log, Around the Pond and right back to the Christmas Express.

Inside the Christmas Express.

Jack Skellington: Snowdrop, Where's your ticket?

Snowdrop: I thought I'd had it with me.

Jack Skellington: You mean... you have lost your ticket?!

Princess Yuna: She didn't lose her ticket. I did. I was going to get it for her. But, the wind blew it out of my hoof. Besides, you can have my ticket.

Jack Skellington: (snatches Yuna's ticket) It won't work that way, Yuna, What's done is done. (gives Yuna her ticket back) Snowdrop, you'll have to come with me.

Jack took Snowdrop to his office.

D.W. Read: Is Jack going to punish Snowdrop?

Arthur Read: No, D.W., Jack's not going to punish her.

Nyx: Whatever's going to happen to Snowdrop, I'm sure nothing bad will happen to her.

Princess Yuna: Wait a minute! (gets an idea) I think I saw something up ahead!

Bart Simpson: Hey! Look! That must be Snowdrop's ticket!

Princess Yuna: (grabs Snowdrop's ticket) I got it!

Outside the Christmas Express.

Princess Yuna: (puts the ticket in her teeth and jumps over the couplings)

In the caboose, Yuna found Snowdrop.

Princess Yuna: Snowdrop, I found your Ticket!

Jack Skellington: My, How'd you find it?

Princess Yuna: It was blowing back to the train that quick.

Snowdrop; (as Yuna gave her back her ticket) Thank you, Yuna.

Jack Skellington: Alright, You two, Back to your seats.

Princess Yuna: Okay, Jack.

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