Lord Dominator

Lord Dominator is a main antagonist is Wander Over Yonder.


Lord Dominator is a female humanoid with light green skin, freckles, lopsided white hair, and eyes with pink sclera rimmed with mascara that resemble tear drops.   Her usual outfit consists of a black T-shirt emblazoned with a heart, spiked shoulder guards, yellow gloves similar to Lord Hater's, a black long skirt with a thigh high split, socks and shoes similar similar to Wander's, and a black helmet topped with giant serrated yellow horns.  When going into battle, Dominator uses her power over lava to change her appearance into that of a large and intimidating male figure; forming a full body robe over herself, coating her arms with lava to make them seem more muscular, and covering her face with a retractable skull like mask from her helmet.


While disguising as a man Dominator is an intimidating figure that is dreaded in the galaxy not only for her army and power, but because she managed to become the greatest villain in the galaxy in record time. She seems to be a fangirl of everything evil, often getting overexcited about doing evil things and which destructive weapons to use. Because of this, she behaves like a gleeful teenage girl when in private and seems to enjoy talking to herself about her evil exploits. Though recently, she has been shown to be even more heartless and cold than we thought, even wanting to destroy the entire galaxy instead of conquering it.


Dominator has powers over Lava and Ice.