Lord Scandrawf: We need a plan to make Ryan have Darkness.

Vortech: How can we do that?

King Nixel: He doesn't have the dark power in him.

Spectre: Yeah, he's still controling his darkness.

Sheer: And we need to do something about it.

Gavro: Like what?

Foolscap: Don't know, but we have to figured it out.

Eggman: Me too.

Princess Dark Matter: So do I.

Twivine: And we have to make him have Darkness in him.

Seelkadoom: So. Does Ryan got darkness in him?

Scandrawf: I don't think so. But we could anger him. Like Hurting his friend's, saying mean stuff about him even losing his friends. Including that stupid Sora.

Ryvine: Yes. I hope Sora will be my new vessle.

Scandrawf: One thing. Ryvine. Why you seek the X-blade, Blade of Power and Digi-Blade thing? To cover all the worlds in darkness like Ryan?

Ryvine: But, darkness did cover the world once. In legend. We know so little about the Keyblade, Digimon and Warrior War. Only it was the start. It is a cool story. They say ruin brings creation. So what then would another 3 wars brings together? When the darkness falls, will we be found worthey of the so called light the legend speaks of? Skeleton King, Quartzmon and I must have those answers for Xehanort, and my mentor, Unicron. The X-blade and the 2 blades needs to be fordge, and with one of them the door to one of the wars unlocked!

Scandrawf: You rather start a disaster? No way, Jose. I don't think you could do it!

Ryvine: I think you are wrong, cousin. Darkness is a start, you see. Not the end. At birth, every people like us emerges from darkness into a world of light, do we not?

Scandwarf: Such dark nonsense! If I can't get to you. Only one thing will!

He's gonna fight him, but Ryvine blast him with Darkness

Scandrawf: Ouch. That awsome power.. Has the darkness taken you, cousin?

Ryvine: None of the wax of your own bees.

He left

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