Here's how our heroes get lost in the fog in Snowdrop's Grand Adventure: The Search for Primrose. And how Astrid sings "If it says so" too.

[the team continue journeying through the great unknown, but it starts to get foggy]

Astrid: Just stay together. We can figure this out.

Button Mash: Hold on, don't those things over there look like the hills that we should pass before we make it to Doom? [points to some hills at the side]

Astrid: No, we have to get to them, this way. [pointing to another direction]

Snowdrop: Astrid, not to sound rude. But don't you think that map is a bit inaccurate?

Astrid: Don't worry. I know which way to go. And I'm sure this map is leading us in the right way.

Snowdrop: How can you be so sure?

Astrid: Simple. (music starts, indicating a song) A map is not a guess
An estimation or a hunch
A feeling or a foolish intuition

Snowdrop: [spoken] Yeah, but...

Astird: A map is a dependable
Unwavering, inarguably accurate
Portrayer, of your position

Never trust your ears
Your nose, your eyes
Putting faith in them
Is most unwise
Here's a phrase you all
Must memorise
In the printed word
Is where truth lies

Snowdrop: [spoken] Yes, but Astrid...

Astrid: Never trust your tummies
Tails, or toes
You can't learn a thing
From any of those
Here's another fact
I must disclose
From the mighty pen
True wisdom flows

If it says so
Then it is so
If it is so
Well so it is
A thought's not fit to think
'Til it's printed in ink
Then it says so
So it is

Snowdrop: [spoken] Yeah, but I think that..

Astrid: Never trust that thing
Between your ears
Brains will get you nowhere fast
My dears
Haven't had a need
For mine in years
On the page is where
The truth appears

If it says so
Then it is so
If it is so
So it is
A thought's not fit to think
'Til it's printed in ink
Never differ from or doubt it
Or go anywhere without it

Thank goodness we've got this

So we don't need to fret about it
If it says so
So it is

[but then the map then gets caught on a branch and tears!]

Astrid: AAH! Oh no! We only have half of a map!

Moon Starlight: I'm going after it!

[Moon Starlight raes after it and then come sto a cliff]

Moon Starlight: Come back, here! [flies up to try and get it]

[but the map is not getting close to her grip]

Moon Starlight: Don't got it! [continues trying to get it] I almost got it!

[but then she hits the log]

Moon Starlight: Ow! [looks at her wings] What is wrong with these things? Maybe they just don't have what it takes.

[Then there was a crack and she looks down]

Moon Starlight: Yikes! [then the bridge collapses, and she falls down] MAMA!!

[one of the ends lands a one side of the cliff and then makes a new bridge as Moon Starlight lands on it in the same spot she did before]

Moon Stralight: Ow!! Not again!

[then the others appear at the top of the cliff]

Human Applejack: Moon, what in tarnation are you doin'?! That's not a safe place to be!

Eevee: Yeah, you could fall. Come on, fly up!

Moon Starlight: I can't.

Eevee: Why not?

Moon Starlight: Because, the wind isn't right!

Skyla: But there isn't any wind.

Moon Starlight: Okay, okay, you got me! [sniffing] The truth is, my wings are falling. [sheds a tear]

[Then the log starts sliding]

Snowdrop: Oh, don't worry Moon Starlight. Your stronger than that.

Moon Starlight: Really?

Snowdrop: Yeah. Are you feeling any stronger?

Moon Starlight: No.

[the log slips more]

Ariel: I'm going down. Here I come, stay still.

Moon Starlight: Yeah, sure.

[the log keeps sliding]

Ariel: See if you can reach this far. [then the rocks slide and she falls]

Skyla: Ariel! [grabs her fin, by flying]

[the log slips more]

Ariel: How about now?

Moon Starlight: No. I'm going out the same way I came in. A second rate flyer.

[but then Skyla's wings get a cramp and she falls]

Belle: Skyla! [she jumps down and grabs her tail, but she falls and soon everyone holds on to each other down the cliff with Aranea tying a string of silk around them]

Aranea: [straining]

Sunil and Vinnie: NOT COOL! NOT COOL!!

Moon Starlight: [crying]

Ariel: Moon Starlight.

[Moon Starlight looks and sees Ariel]

Moon Starlight: Oh, okay.

[she hops into Ariel's arms as the log falls to the ravine below]

Ariel: Are you okay?

Moon Starlight: Yeah, I'm okay.

Aranea: [straining] You're straining too much!

Everyone: Huh?

Joy: What did you say?


[Then there was a red dot below her]

Aranea: What the?

[then she looks up and he eyes open wide shock, and then blast! There was a hole right below her and she is dragged down]



[everyone then swims out]

Snoutlout: [empting his hat of water] What was that?!


Hiccup: What?

Areana: It was that invisible man again, he had some kind of raygun. And he shot us down.

Nyx: You believe that nonsense now, too?!

Areana: Hey, I saw it with my own eyes! It's real!

Nyx: I'll believe it when I see it!

Duncan: Oh come on, what's it gonna take for you to believe them!? The man coming to you and blowing a hole in your stomach!?

[then the other map half floats down]

Astrid: The map! [grabs it] We got it! We can go now!

[distant growling]

Hiccup: Okay, time to worry again, it's the Cloggersaurus.

[Everyone gets shocked and they raced away as fast as they could]

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