Bloom's Lovix

Bloom in her Lovix form.

Flora's Lovix

Flora in her Lovix form.

Stella's Lovix

Stella in her Lovix form.

Musa's Lovix

Musa in her Lovix form.

Tecna's Lovix

Tecna in her Lovix form.

Aisha's Lovix

Aisha/Layla in her Lovix form.

Lovix is a transformation in Winx Club Season 4. It is the sub-transformation of Believix. It resembles to a winter version of Believix. The Winx have special attacks: Ice Flame (Bloom), Snowy Melody (Musa), Frosty Vines (Flora), Winter's Thaw (Stella), Chilled Breath (Tecna) and Frostbite (Aisha/Layla).

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