Lu, the self-proclaimed princess of the island and Og's cousin, is characterized by her loud and arrogant nature. She continually exploits Mike, Og, and her pet turtle, Lancelot (turtle). Og, being sagacious to a fault, frequently obliges to her will, even at the cost of her own well-being. Though she has a habit of tormenting everyone, she usually learns a lesson in humility by the end of each episode. Lu's unruly behavior is most likely a result of poor parenting on the part of her father, Wendell (Mike, Lu, & Og).


Lu was at first a spoiled brat, but she reveals that she only acted that way because Mike was given all the attention of being the foreign exchange student on the island and her mother was away at New York in return.

Mike and Lu make up and become real friends after this, but Hermione Cuzzlewitz is outraged that Mike won't be her friend anymore and vows revenge on them both. Lu along with Og accompanies Mike on their various adventures, slowly becoming a nice and well-behaved girl instead of a stick in the mud spoiled brat. She also mentions that she really missed her mother for being away from her for so long and one of the main reasons she wanted Mike to go back where she came from. In the future, Lu becomes a doting mother with a troublesome son named Raul Rivera.


  • Lu's mother exchanged with Mike to be on the island.
  • Lu isn't as bad as she actually seems.
  • She is a self-proclaimed princess.
  • In the original series, nobody knows what happened to her mother, but a theory was that Lu's mother exchanged with Mike to be on the island.
  • Lu becomes Manny Rivera's girlfriend, with some competition with Hermione Cuzzlewitz and evantually husband and wife and have a son named Raul Rivera.

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