Lucia Nanami is the main character of Mermaid Melody and Pichi Pichi Pitch. She is a pink mermaid.


Lucia is known as having a very upbeat personality and she is generally optimistic. Within the first arc of the series, it is uncommon to see her without a bright smile on her face. She has a very loving and caring heart and a talent in seeing the good in everyone. However, she does have a slight jealous side that often comes out in relation to Kaito because she's far from the only girl who is interested in him.

In the second arc of the series however, her situation is darker and it is then you see the side of her that is struggling to deal with the pain and loneliness of being forgotten by your loved one. Overall, no matter what the situation, she never gives up hope.



  • Lucia and her fellow mermaids will join Fauntleroy Fox and Crawford Crow in "Fauntleroy Fox and Crawford Crow in The Adventures of The Great Mouse Detective"

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